List of Other Robot Websites

There is a tremendous amount of information about Robots on the Internet and it can be confusing sometimes to find information that is relevant to you. We've assembled some of our favorite sites in this article which will hopefully be helpful to you.

NOTE: We are not affiliated nor do we have any editorial contol over any of these sites. Use them at your own risk!

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Sites About WowWee Robots The mothership of websites about WowWee's robots. This is the corporate owned and operated site for all general info for This site has an incredible collection of some of the top WowWee hardware hackers and software programmers that are devoted to modifying and improving the functionality of WowWee's line of robotic toys. Here you will find detailed hacks and modifications from the simple to the kind that will definitely void your warranty. One of the most comprehensive websites dedicated to WowWee's line of robots. Includes forums, tips & tricks, hacks &mods and more. Here's a cool link to some hidden features of the Robosapien. Site linked in to the family with blogs and information about WowWee products, and links to other robot sites. A site run by the folks over at Evosapien. The site contains open source code that can be used to control your robots with your voice. Definitely not for the novice, but a neat toy for those looking to get more out of their bots! Be sure to check out the voice controlled Robosapien on the site.
Robo Soccer This site has an interesting video of a Robosapien playing soccer. Obviously, it's been altered a bit, but you get the idea.
Robosapien Foundation Humorous website whose 'mission' is to ensure that Robosapiens are given a fair chance at life just like the rest of us! A few funny videos included.
Robosapien le Blog (French) A blog on the other side of the pond about Robosapien and his friends. Blog is in French.

General Robot Sites The place to read the lastest news on personal and industrial robotics, robot competitions, and other cool stuff.

Robots' Dreams

A regularly updated blog with news, tips and videos on all things robotic. From WowWee bots to Aibo, Lego to Battlebots, DIY bots, hacks, design and more, Robots Dreams covers it all. iiRobotics stands for Interactive, Intelligent Robotics. Our aim is to take robots and the application of robotics to a whole new level of awareness by providing a free 'bot portal filled with news, events, galleries, and more. Directory listing of robotic resources, companies and organizations, etc.
RobotUprising Small, but cool website for the classic robot book, "How to Survive a Robot Uprising", a must read for all robot lovers.
About Bots Covers i-Cybie, Pleo and of course, WowWee bots.
Robot Clips One-stop shopping for videos of all things robotic.
Robotic Madness An astounding collection of hacks, mods, and robotic information. Excellent pictures of each robot and mod - a must see.
Robot Room David Cook shows off his skills in robotics and displays detailed descriptions of his projects and more.
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rybuger1 said: deserves to be on that list.

I agree - I have added it to this list :)


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This is a great site for hobby robotics. Great people from many different levels of learning to help you out and many great projects to get some ideas from.

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Its really good for robolovers