Bought two Robosapiens but can’t get them to fight because the controllers are on the same frequency? Here’s a simple modification using household materials that allows your robot to fight, with a friend or against another robot in automatic mode.

1 - Take a standard toilet-roll tube and cut it down the middle.

2 – Squeeze it onto Robosapien’s head as shown below.

The robot will now only be controllable from behind. Two or more robots can be controlled this way without interfering with each other.

NOTE: Be sure to always point the remote directly at the back Robosapien’s head when playing.


1 - The right hand is designed to tightly hold on to a standard paper-roll tube without dropping it. When used in conjunction with Robosapien’s fighting moves, it makes a very satisfying “bop” noise when it connects.

2 – Extend the range of your robot’s reception by putting tinfoil around the inside of the tube.

3 – Print out and put a face on your tube with team names or expressions. An example “face” is shown above.

4 – Use the same trick to make your Robosapien an automatic sentry who will attack any incoming aggressor (like another robot), but won’t listen to your remote from the front.

With the tube in place, and standing behind your sentry, type in the following…

Press S>
Select - forward
Select – Select – STRIKE3 (left)
Select – Select – STRIKE3 (right)
Select – Select – STOP
Select – backwards


Press S> 14 times or until Robosapien says “Ooo, Uh Huh!”

The robot will now attack anything that touches it for up to 14 times. Press STOP to end, press P> to play again.

Try programming S> with different fight move combinations to improve your robot’s skills and tactics. You can program R> and L> also.

Have fun.


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This looks like fun! I'm definitely trying this out once my brother and I purchase two robots. Thanks for posting.