Robosapien V2 Vision Guide

Q: My robot keeps staring at strange objects around the room. What is he looking at?

A: He “sees” using Infra Red (I/R) light, a light too “red” for humans to see. However, many appliances, computer screens, TVs, and dimmed lighting emit I/R light which your robot can be attracted to, so he’ll just naturally turn to have a look.

If your robot seems to be “distracted” by objects in the surrounding environment and isn’t performing the commands you request, try moving him to another area, or pressing the “b” button on his controller to disable his vision abilities.

Q: My robot only sees me intermittently. What’s wrong?

A: If your robot hears something loud, his vision turns off until he figures out where the sound is coming from (about three seconds unless he hears another sound). His eyes will turn off and then blink at one second intervals during this mode to let you know he’s in listen mode.

If you’re testing your Robosapien™V2’s vision in a noisy place, be sure to press the “a” button to disable his hearing. He’ll now pay much better attention to you.

Q: Sometimes he doesn’t recognize things placed in front of him. What’s wrong?

A: One of the robot’s secrets is that he “sees” with his ears, not with his eyes. Therefore, when you show him something, it has to be big enough to be “seen” by the eye “cone” of both ears; otherwise he’ll just say “what is that?” and regard it as a regular object. (Refer to Illustration on page 10.)

When you show your Robosapien™V2 something, be sure the object (or your hand holding the object) is big enough to cover the width of his face so he “flinches”. He also needs a second or two (depending on how bright the room is) to recognize the object.

Q. My robot has trouble identifying his green ball.

A. When showing him different colors to identify, make sure you “flinch” him between each color. You can do this by waving the object in front of his face. If he doesn’t flinch immediately, press the stop button and try again. If he still has trouble recognizing the object’s color, try showing him a larger object of the same color. For example, if you want him to identify his red bowling pin, try showing him 2 pins next to each other which will increase the surface area for him to “see”.

Q: My Robot thinks I am blue. What do I do?

A: If your robot thinks you are “blue” for some reason, then the problem is the white balance setting in his color camera eye. His default mode is “indoor yellow light” like the warm light you commonly get from indoor light bulbs.

As with a camera, you may have to adjust what he sees for “indoor”, “outdoor”, or “sun-on-beach”.

  1. If you’re outside under SUNLIGHT, press SHIFT1-SHIFT2-SHIFT3-”x”
  2. If you’re inside under FLUORECENT LIGHTS, press SHIFT1-SHIFT2-SHIFT3-”z”

In different light settings, his perception of colors may change. For example, under indoor white fluorescent lights (when in “indoor yellow light” mode), human hands appear blue, yellow tennis balls appear green, and oranges appear red.

Please check your Robosapien™V2 instruction manual, page 25, for further color camera information.