Robosapien V2 - Hands and Pick-Up Guide

Q: What is the difference between each pick up and drop function?

A: Your robot is capable of over 20 different pickups with his full sized hands. These pickups can be combined together for a variety of programmed actions.

For example the following program allows the robot to ask for something and then return it to the person who gave it to him. All buttons in each step must be pressed simultaneously.

SHIFT1 + SHIFT2 + “a” - Enter sound program mode
SHIFT1 + SHIFT2 + STOP - Clear memory
SHIFT2 + “x” - Gimme with left hand
SHIFT1 + SHIFT3 + “a” - Laugh
SHIFT1 + SHIFT3 + “x” - left hand place
SHIFT1 + SHIFT2 + “x” - Exit program mode

Press STOP

SHIFT1 + SHIFT2 + “b” - Enter Vision Program Mode
SHIFT1 + SHIFT2 + STOP - Clear memory
SHIFT1 + “x” - Gimme with left hand
SHIFT1 + SHIFT3 + “x” - Danger
SHIFT1 + SHIFT3 + “c” - right hand place
SHIFT1 + SHIFT2 + “x” - Exit program mode
Press STOP

SHIFT1 + SHIFT2 + “y” - Enter Guard Mode.

Robosapien™V2 will now ask for something when he hears or sees things, and then pass it back to the owner. For some reason, this is very popular with children.

Q: What are the best objects for my robot to pick up?

A: Empty soda and beer cans. By placing an empty soda or beer can one can-width in front of his toe, he can pick it up high (SHIFT1-”c”), or low (SHIFT1-”b”), or have you give it to him (SHIFT1-”x”).

Other things he’s good at picking up are empty milk cartons and water bottles, crumpled paper and paper towels, medicine bottles and 4 inch toy figurines.

Q: Can he pick up full cans?

A: Only clean, empty cans are recommended otherwise it gets a bit messy when he waves them around.

However he can pick up objects weighing up to 1/4 pound (120 grams), about the weight of a small remote control or a partially filled, small bottle of water. Please be sure the can/bottle is securely closed to avoid spilling any liquids on your robot or his surroundings.

Q: What about tall water bottles?

A: He can pick them up only when laid down on their side, one bottle-width in front of his toe.

Q: Why does he pick up so far in front of himself?

A: So that he doesn’t kick the object out of his reach before trying to pick it up.