Evolution of the Roboraptor

Check out the evolution of the RoboRaptor from the first sketch in December of 2003 to completion in June 2005. Come get an exlusive, behind the scenes look at how a your favorite walking dinosaur buddy got to where he is today.

Included are comments from WowWee Robotics designer Mark Tilden at certain stages of development.

The Initial Idea

The Early Prototypes


Designing the Roboraptor

Tilden: "After a working physics prototype was developed in the spring of 04, the WowWee designers (Phil Duffy, Et Al) came up with several design shells which were sculpted, rendered, and applied to the working frame."


Giving Roboraptor Life

Tilden: "The rest of 2004 involved fitting the design around the mechanics to reach the final product. Alex Barton, Phil Duffy, and myself concurrently worked on programming the personality and actions. The product then went to the quality and safety engineers for testing and improvements."


Breeding the Raptors

Tilden: "The robot is then manufactured in an acre sized factory, tested, then packaged and shipped."


The Finished Product

Finally, the Roboraptors are on loose... run for your lives!