The Robosapien Foundation: Saving Downtrodden Robosapiens

We recently came across a rather humorous website, the Robosapien Foundation, whose 'mission' is to ensure that Robosapiens are given a fair chance at life just like the rest of us! If you didn't know beforehand, at first glance you might think this was a very real organization that is dedicated to that very thing, due to the very professional nature of the site and graphics, although I'm sure the owners are not going to turn away any Robosapiens in need. Now let's say that you are a Robosapien who is down on his luck, abandoned, homeless, you name it - what opportunities does the Foundation offer you? Well, there's a long list of benefits: Shelter, Batteries (only for 3 weeks), Job Placement, Repairs, Adoption, and helping you find new Foster Owners.

There are a few really well done movies. First, there is the Foundation's "Who We Are" video, and next up is a look back at one particular Robosapien's story of abandonment and then help from the Foundation, both complete with melancholy background music, and text narration. I don't want to give away too much, but my favorite scene has to be that of the Robosapien panhandling. 

After you wipe away the tears of sadness and joy, dig deep into your pockets to donate to a worthy cause, because you know that more and more Robosapiens are going to be abandoned with each younger, more feature-rich cousin (i.e. the Robosapien V2, the RS Media) that is born. Perhaps one day, the foundation will consider expanding their mission to include other Robo species. Wink