Robopet's Edge Detection

The Robopet has 2 modes that you can switch it on into: edge detection and non-edge detection. In case you're wondering why there is a non-edge detection mode when edge detection sounds like such a good feature, the reason is that on some surfaces, edge detection doesn't work as well and the Robopet may constantly think it's near an edge and not move around very much. Edge detection, while not perfect, works reasonably well. On a wooden colored table, Robopet does a great job of detecting the edge and backing up, although it would usually fail at this if it was in the middle of performing one of its tricks. On a totally black table, edge detection fails completely in that it thinks it's near the edge all the time. Switching on a table lamp on the black table does not help. Of course, if you read WowWee's documentation, this is all as expected.

One of the things we discovered that appears to be a factor is how far above the ground the surface is. We placed the Robopet on a surface a few inches above the ground, and found that he walked off the edge every time. Once we raised it up to about 10", he started to tell that there was in fact an edge.

Don't bother trying to get Robopet to detect edges in low lighting conditions; it just won't work. What is lacking is edge detection from the Robopet's rear and sides. Just try putting him on a small table and watching him back his way from one edge right off another!