Robosapien: Touch vs Sound Sensors

The 1st version of the Robosapien has a few basic sensors in it - audio and tactile sensors. The audio or sound sensor is just like it sounds (pardon the pun ;-)). The tactile or touch sensors are in 6 different places - the two tips of its hands, and the front and backs of both of its feet. What's important to note here is that the touch sensors are grouped into 2 sets - the ones on the left side of the body and the ones on the right. When you hit any of the touch sensors on one side of its body, it'll trigger any program associated with that side.

Here are some quick examples to see them in action:

Sound Sensor:
Hit the following buttons in order:

  1. S>
  2. Select - Step (forwards button)
  3. P>

Now hit Select - Listen to put your bot in Listen mode. If you make a noise or tap him, he'll step forward.


Touch Sensor:

  1. L>
  2. Select - Step Back (backwards button)
  3. P>

Now if you touch any of the sensors on the left side of his body (actually, the right if you're staring straight at him), he'll move backwards one step.