Roboreptile - First Thoughts

I just unpacked a ferocious little Roboreptile and thought I'd share my quick impressions. This is a very cool toy and most of my comments really lean towards a wish list.

  • Very fast, agile and responsive.
  • Select button to get to the different functions of the buttons. It's a cool idea to have the Select button stay at a specific 'layer', so you don't need to keep pressing it. However, for anyone that is used to dealing w/ the Robosapien or Robopet, it can be tough to remember that you need to hit Select to get back to the first layer, because it's not the default.
  • Slightly bulkier remote control. Not as intuitive as the one for the Robosapien, but still a pretty quick learn.
  • Uses Infrared for remote control. RF would have been nice, so that you can control him 'around corners'.
  • Even at his sometime frantic pace, the obstacle detection is remarkable. However, the obstacle detection is effectively impaired if the objects in front of him are too dark or the lighting isn't good.
  • Volume controls - very cool - way more "high-tech" than covering up the speaker hole on a Robosapien! Would be nice to have more than 3 levels (mute, low, high).
  • Touch sensor needs too much pressure to activate; this can be a challenge when he's thrashing around. Speaking of touch sensors, it would have been nice to have some in his head and tail when he's swinging them from side to side.
  • You need a decent amount of mostly flat, hard, ground to play with your Roboreptile, especially to see his tracking, chasing and roaming actions.
  • Would have liked to see a Sleep function on the remote.
  • A bit clunky in turning, but still very fast. Some of the neck and tail motions really look quite realistic.
  • Ironically, he is pretty grounded on carpet.
  • Program mode isn't as detailed as the Robosapien. You can't program him to respond to specific stimuli: sound for example. However, you can program a set of actions and put him into Guard Mode where he will respond to sound or movement by playing back the program.

In case you want a refresher on what the Roboreptile looks like in action, check out this video!