Secrets to Unpacking the RS Media

When you buy an RS Media, you'll need at least 6 D- batteries, 4 AA batteries and a crowbar. Sarcasm aside, the RS Medias are packed in tightly and securely, and it takes some patience to get them out. A lot of the info in here apply equally well to other WowWee robots as well.

I swear that a roomful of engineers were hired to develop the packaging for WowWee's products! And they sat around for a few months in front of hundreds of square feet of whiteboards wondering "How can we make this as difficult as possible to open?" I found myself wondering how long it takes the packaging folks to put just one of these in a box.

Seriously though, snag yourself a pair of scissors, a Phillips screwdriver, a pair of pliers and one of those Xacto type utility knives ... and a drink, because this is thirsty work.

Now although RS Media comes with an Unpacking Guide, it is hidden at the bottom of the box and wrapped in shrinkwrap plastic. The guide also only tells you that the feet are bolted to the box and how to do undo those.

Here are my 'secrets' to opening:

  • Don't for a second worry about trying to keep the box intact at all. You may end up damaging the robot. Better the box gets it than the bot.
  • It helps to understand how everything is attached to each other. There are 3 main parts to the packaging: an inner box, blue on the inside, that the RS Media is closest to; then there is a transparent plastic shell around that; then the outer box with the product info, logo, etc.
  • Use the utility knife and scissors carefully to cut through tape and twist ties.
  • Once you get the larger plastic case off the box, before you do anything else, you will want to turn the box on its side with the feet pointed at you, and unscrew the fasteners bolting the feet to the box.
  • After you untwist the tie wraps behind the box that hold the robot to the box, use a pair of pliers to smooth out some of the twists in them, so that they'll be easier to push through the holes. Then you can cut the the tie wraps from the front (where they bind closely to the robot).
  • There is clear plastic molding around the head of the RS Media. It fits extremely snuggly around the head, and since the head is quite mobile, you have to worry about snapping his head off or screwing up some of the motors/gears in the neck and head. Carefully use a pair of scissors to cut some lines into the plastic to loosen it up so it's easier to pry off the head.


If you've got some of your own tips and tricks to unpacking any of these bots, please stick it in the comments section at the end of the article.

Good luck!