What is a Robotyrannus?

You may have seen a product called the Robotyrannus being peddled out there recently and wondered how WowWee managed to quietly slip in yet another robot. As it turns out, Robotyrannus is essentially a Roboreptile in sheep's clothing. Well actually, more like dragon's clothing. Take a look at the included pictures. Notice the horns on its head and the dorsal fin. If you peruse the manuals for the Roboreptile and the Robotyrannus, you'll find that they are esentially the same except for the names and the images.

Currently, we've found the Robotyrannus available for sale in Canada and the UK, but not here in the States. You can also find the official WowWee site for the Robotyrannus at RobotyrannusOnline.

Robotyrannus 1
Robotyrannus 2