What is the Robosapien V3?

A number of people have asked me lately what the Robosapien V3 (sometimes also called "RSV3") is? When's it coming out? What features will it have? How much will it cost? Etc. I'm bored at work, so I thought I'd take a few minutes to talk about it. Unfortunately, I don't have the definitive answers, but I thought it'd be fun and interesting to catalogue the current (growing) set of theories and engender some discussion.

I'm very interested in your opinion, and I'm hoping in due time that we'll get an official answer from WowWee. In general, if anyone out there has updates or more info, definitely get them to us.

Theory 1: V3 is the Robosapien RS-Media

One of the latest bots out from WowWee is the RS-Media. The official site for the RS-Media is www.rsmediaonline.com (very cool site, btw - very flash-y). The RS Media is out in Australia and the UK, but won't be generally available in the States until mid-2007. You can, however, get one for yourself on eBay or Amazon.co.uk for about $400. And shipping will be a bear, I'm sure.

Discuss and vote on this theory.

Theory 2: RS-Media isn't V3, it's an incremental change from V2. V3 is something we haven't seen yet

WowWee has a LOT of new robots planned. The RS-Media is so similar to the V2 that some believe he's just an incremental change (adding a lot of common sense multimedia features) and that the real "next version of Robosapien" will be a much more significantly-updated 'bot in terms of how it talks, sees, hears, etc. If you take this perspective, I guess you could call RS-Media V2.5, but that sounds pretty awkward, so unlikely to make it into any official circles.

Discuss and vote on this theory.

Theory 3: The V3 is a new bot we haven't heard of yet - a totally new direction for WowWee - won't even be the Robosapien line

Like I said, there's a lot coming from WowWee. We just heard about the Dragonfly leak last week. Some believe that V3 is a completely new direction for the company and has nothing to do with Robosapien. I guess it's possible there won't be a V? anything any longer, because WowWee is taking a whole new approach to their naming convention. Maybe they'll take the Microsoft route and start versioning by the year released.

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Theory 4: V3 was an minor upgrade that got folded into V2 halfway through production - RS-Media is actually V4

Much more obscure theory, but basically saying that V2 and V3 are the same, and that RS Media is already into V4. I'm not sure I buy this as even a contender, but it's a thought.

Discuss and vote on this theory.

Theory 5: There's now a branch in the WowWee Robosapien product line.

This is the theory that the RS-Media is a totally new line of Robosapien. Therefore, there will someday be a Robosapien V3, ostensibly without media features, and a Robosapien RS-Media V2, which does focus on multimedia. Not sure I'd be thrilled about the naming convention, but this has possibility.

Discuss and vote on this theory.

Theory 6: V3 is a new Quentin Tarantino, Isaac Asimov flick to be released in 2008

Sorry ... couldn't resist.

Okay, so what's your theory? Do you buy any of these? Have your own? Don't think any of them hold any water? Think you have the definitive answer? Maybe you're with WowWee and you want to give us the final score?! *nudge nudge, wink wink*


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Well, Theory 2 is almost right, exept the RSMedia is mor eor less considered the RSV2.5. Yes, it has taken forever to get teh V3 out there, and i know a lot of people are starting to wonder when it will. Mabye a year or two. I hope it comes out soon, that is, IF it will ever come out(knock on wood ;)