RoboTed: The Robosapien Frankenstein Bear

What if you could turn your robot into a teddy bear?

Noccy42 of YouTube evidently already has.  This is hysterical. He dances, he plays with the kitty, he's a robot. No, he's a bear! No, a robot..... 

The video's actually kinda in 2 parts. Even if you get bored in the middle, make sure you forward to time index 2:35 for the "hardcore" stuff.

Sit back, get comfy, and meet RoboTed...

[Update: Noccy42 is no other than our very own Nocturnal. Kudos Nocturnal! For more of Nocturnal's leading work with Robosapiens and other WowWee bots, please check out his website. - Ed.]



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exxxxxxxtremely funny