More images from WowWee's booth at CES Unveiled

WowWee was one of about 50 companies at the CES unveiled press event last night. They clearly were one of the main highlights of the evening with the announcement of many new products and the large amount of press the hovered around their area. While the last entry focused on the two products that were shown on their table, here are some shots we took of their booth and the people around it.

In and around WowWee's CES Unveiled booth

The front view of WowWee's 'table' . Everyone had only a small space to exhibit their products and were only allowed to show off a few of their products.

Tons of video cameras captured video of the new singing Elvis head. It was a huge hit all night and I could hear people singing along in the background.

Davin Sufer, WowWee's CTO, was in attendance showing off the RS Media and its capabilities. Don't forget to check out the interview with Davin on Robocommunity.

And we can't forget about Amy Weltman, in charge of WowWee's Marketing effort. I managed to capture her smiling face in between interviews with the press. She was quite the busy bee yesterday and I'm sure will be exhausted after the week is through. Hang in there Amy! 

Amy will be featured in an upcoming interview on RoboCommunity, so stay tuned for that!