Downloadable Custom RS Media Personalities

As you know, the RS Media is programmable down to its personality. Out of the box, the RS Media comes with 4 distinct personalities, including Spacebot and an English butler. However, you can easily create your own personality using the Personality Editor software application that is part of the RS Media Editing Suite of tools.

Since so many of you robo-enthusiasts are the creative types, we have created a special download page on RoboCommunity for those interested in sharing their RS Media personalities. We encourage you to join this group, participate in discussions there, as well as to create and share custom RS Media Personalities. Make sure you read this sticky thread, describing how to upload and download personalities to the group.

Join the RS Media Personalities Group now, and start sharing your personality

No, you're not crazy. You used to be able to download RS Media personalities directly from this page. This function has moved to the RS Media Downloads Area. Thanks!


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With all of the RS Media's that were sold I am wondering why there aren't more personalities being uploaded. I just got mine and would like to see more personalities. Besides some of the ones to be downloaded don't work like "Cylon" When I get it there aren't any files in the personality. Bugs Bunny doesn't work either.