Meet McDonald's Happy Meal Robosapien

McDonalds and WowWee have teamed up to create seven cool new WowWee Robotics Happy Meal toys. The toys are available (for now) in the US and Canada only, but you can get them at any McDonald's. They are rolling out two per week starting today (Friday, February 23rd), so the promotion will last four weeks in total. I'm going to try to collect all seven, and post some pictures, so stay tuned. Also, keep your eyes and ears peels for kid-directed tv, radio and online advertising, which is supposed to roll soon. Anyone catches any of them, definitely post!

The McDonald's Happy Meal site has more information, interactive demos, and fun stuff for kids of all ages concerning our new little robotic friends.

And now, without further adieu... Meet Happy Meal Robosapien and his pals...

McDonald's Walking Robosapien
Walking Robosapien walks when you wind him up.

McDonald's Roaring Roboraptor
Once switched on, Roaring Roboraptor roars when you push a button on his back.

McDonald's Talking Robosapien V2
Once switched on, Talking Robosapien V2 speaks when you press a button on his chest. He greets you just like his big brother, "I am WowWee Robotics model RSV2".

McDonald's Running Roboreptile
Pull Running Roboreptile back and release, and he propels himself forward on wheels hidden beneath his legs.

McDonald's Walking Robopet
Walking Robopet can go for a walk with you and your other dog Fido, just wind him up and let him go.

McDonald's Chomping Roboraptor
Chomping Roboraptor is chomping at the bit to meet you.

McDonald's Stand Up Robosapien V2
Stand Up Robosapien V2 can stand up all by himself. Switch him on, lay him down, press the button on his chest, and be amazed as he stands unassisted.

The Whole McDonald's Gang


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That was very smart :) now thats a excellent move :) the best commercial.
I will try to collect them all.

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These were available for a short time at McDonalds in early 2007 (two years ago).

You may be able to find them on a toy auction site or at a used toy event (flea market, thrift store, yard sale).

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it's nice and good for collection espiecially for kids. i just hope i have enough money to cllect it all and give it out to those children in my country Africa. they will love it but i guess it's not in my power. nice work though

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Hi There, Are these the only ones ever realesed because I have come across the following

Wrex , Tri-bot, Robo Boa, Blue Robo Raptor, RS Media, Robo reptile with hood. I have spotted them on ebay germany.

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Hi There.  I have added 4 new macbots to my collection.

 RS Media, Wrex, Blue Roboraptor and also roboraptile with hood. I have 2 more mac bots to purchase Tribot and Robo Boa.


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Wow! It took me a long time to find this site because my brother go the chomping roborapter and named it rexy and it's 5 years later and I was looking for "Rexy the velosirapter" and I found nothing then I remembered that my friend had a full sized roborapter and then I typed in "Mini roborapter from McDonald's" and I got this site!:-)