Dueling Dragonflys [Video]

I am obviously not cut out to be a film director. I obviously don't have the slightest idea about the best light conditions, angles, perspective... pretty much nothing. I did like my choice of music though, so perhaps I can be a little like Tarantino. No? Ok, ok, I give. At any rate, hopefully you'll get a least 1 minute of enjoyment out of seeing two Dragonflys compete for the same, very small airspace. It was a windy day the day I got 2 would-be pilots, and we were forced into a living room for our test. Also, my pilots had never flown the Dragonflys before, or very much of any RC aircraft. So far, it's not sounding like it's shaping up to be the greatest video, is it? Watch and see.

Well, things took an interesting turn not very far into the flying and filming. Hopefully, you've already seen the video by now otherwise the rest of this write-up is a spoiler. My green sample Dragonfly, who seemed to have a partially broken neck when he arrived, had his head completely snapped off, but it hung on by the wire that ran to his LED eye! Too many crashes into walls will do that to you. He still flys, but it is amusing to watch his head bounce around as he does. No Dragonflys were killed in the making of this movie, but some were hurt. ;-)