Tekno, iCat, iCybie, Roboreptile, and More - The Complete Robot Roundup

Though it may be premature to claim that robots are taking over the world, it is safe to say that they're on the move to invade your living room and take a dominant place under the Christmas tree. Companies like Wow Wee Robotics are making innovative, fun robotic toys that are suitable for users of nearly any age. If you've decided to get a new robot for you, a friend, or family member, the hard part is deciding which bot is right for you.

Take a quick trip to your local electronics retailer and you'll quickly become overwhelmed by the number of robots available. There's a wide variety of options from numerous manufacturers, including dinosaurs, dogs, cats, fish, and even humanoid robots that sing and dance. But what do these robots really do, and how do you decide which one to get?

Thankfully, TechLore.com is here with a quick skinny on the most popular robots in the market today.

The list includes the famous Wow Wee line up like the Robosapien V2, Roboraptor, Roboreptile, and Robopet. Plus you'll find other popular bots like Ugobe's Pleo, the i-Cybie, Tekno the Robotic Puppy, and Hasbro's iCat, iDog, and iFish.

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