The Definitive Guide to Support for Roboraptor

The Roboraptor is WowWee's first biomorphic robotic dinosaur. The Roboraptor has infrared and stereo sound, and touch sensors. It has four different modes of behavior or moods: hunting, cautious, playful, and free-roam, and how it reacts to external stimuli will depend on what mood it's in.

This is a quick guide to getting support for your Roboraptor.



Your First Line of Defense: RoboCommunity

The first thing you'll want to do is visit Roboraptor's home page here on RoboCommunity. There is a bunch of information there, including resource links and an index of all the content related to Roboraptor on the site - displayed in order from most-to-least important, as determined by the site's intelligent scoring engine.

However, before you scroll through content lists, try searching to get your question answered.

And if that fails, ask a question in the Roboraptor forum. RoboCommunity is filled with knowledgable folks who can help you. And don't forget to make suggestions on how Roboraptor can be improved. WowWee would love to know.


WowWee Support

Second Line of Defense: WowWee Support

Visit WowWee's support page for technical support questions other users can't help you with. There you'll find Roboraptor's manual, and other information.  At this time, however, there is no frequently asked questions document for Roboraptor on the WowWee support site. 

Your last line of defense is to send your questions directly to WowWee support, but make sure you've exhausted the other options described here first.

General Reference


Other Information

Here's a brief reference of other information you might find useful for your raptor...

Official website
Buy him at the WowWee Store or!
Evolution of the Roboraptor
Wikipedia entry



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