Getting Robosapien V2 to Recognize Humans

You know how sometimes the Robosapien V2 sometimes has trouble identifying cirtain colors, especially human colors? Well, your solution is here!

  1. Switch him to "sunlight". Take him near a window so he is exposed to significant natural light. Face his camera toward the window, and change his color setting to "sunlight" by pressing SHIFT1-SHIFT2-SHIFT3 X. The RSV2 will say "color setting: sunlight". If he does not say that, try the command agian until he does.
  2. Make him flinch. If you do not know how to make him flinch, refer to page 22 of the the Robosapien V2 manual.
  3. Identify yourself. Hold your hand still in front of his camera, and he will say something involving identifying a human.

The result: Robosapien should be able to identify you as a human.

Sometimes he says "low light levels camera inactive". If this happens, that means there is not enough light and you should try another window with more light streaming in.