Solution For Using Rechargable Batteries In Your Robots

Hey there!

Alot of people are having problems with using rechargable batteries in their robots, especially RS Media! Some people are using rechargables that are 1.2 or 1.3 volts. The problem is that the robots take 1.5 volt batteries instead of others, so using 1.2 volt  batteries is going to affect your robots performance, whether its RS Media, RSV2, or any other WowWee robot.

Another way to get better performance is to look for a code on your robots battery lid,  and try to get that type of battery. You can simply go to any local store that sells batteries and take a look at the battery codes there. The cover (of the battery pack) will have the code on it. Try to find the one that is closest to the one stated on your robot.

Remember that it has to be 1.5 volts to get the best performance from your robot, whether you're using rechargables or not.

Have a fun time with your robots!