Java and the RS Media Central Command

This is central command for Java and the RS Media. This is where Java developers and RS Media enthusiasts collide. It's your one-stop information shop for learning everything from "What is Java?" to "What's the Sun Java Robot Extension?" to "How does Java work with the RS Media?"

This is a resources page. It is already dense and growing. If you are interested in Java and the RS Media, step forward, make yourself known, and get involved. We want to hear from you.

Let's dive right in...

RS Media Java Featured Activities on RoboCommunity

RoboDuke's "Learn Java with RS Media NOW"

Learning about Java and the RS Media? This is for you. RoboDuke teaches you Java using the RS Media in weekly lessons. Already an expert? RoboDuke is always searching for competent teacher's assistants to help students, answer questions, etc. Check it out.

Class Schedule and Welcome | Join the Group Discussion | Enroll Yourself or Become a TA | Meet RoboDuke

New "Java and the RS Media Central Command" Forum

Hard-core Java and RS Media discussion is going on right now in the Java and the RS Media Central Command forum. Students from RoboDuke's class and Java enthusiasts from all over the world are converging on this forum to hash out their "RS Media Meets Java" questions, answers, samples and solutions. Dive in today!

Latest News on the Sun Java Robot Extension (SDK)

A special SDK from Sun Microsystems is required to use Java with the RS Media. Get all the latest information by subscribing (via RSS) to the RoboCommunity headline news blog. Also, here's a quick link to the latest information published on the SDK and purchasing this special RS Media w/ Robot Extension bundle.

Using RS Media and Java as an Educational Tool

Get the scoop on licensing and how to leverage RS Media in your home or classroom as an eductational tool.


The Story of Java and the RS Media

This is the story of how the Java programming language came to be a featured aspect of the RS Media and a special area on RoboCommunity.

As you probably already know, RS Media was given the honor of being named a show device at the 2007 JavaOne conference. As such, there were a couple of programming contests launched around controlling the RS Media with Java. Davin Sufer, CTO of WowWee Ltd, blogged about the whole experience here on RoboCommunity, which created quite a stir.

156 RS Media's were purchased at the conference, complete with Sun's new Robot Extension SDK. Now, all over the nation, RS Media lovers who purchased this new toolkit are figuring out how to make their RS Media more powerful than ever! ... in preperation for an iRobot-style world domination, no doubt. However, unfortunately, at the time of this writing, it is not possible to order an RS Media w/ Java Robot Extension bundle. Read here for more details, or...

RS Media - Your turn to drive...Pre-order your very own
RS Media with Java Robot Extension
(currently out of stock)

The goal of the Java Central Command is to serve as a meeting place - a command center - for those interested in Java and the RS Media. If you are wise in the ways of Java and RS Media, please come and help. Post your questions to the RS Media and Java forums, and keep the command center bookmarked for updates in the continuing "RS Media Meets Java" saga.

If you have suggestions, information, feedback, help to offer, or anything else you want to discuss... Post your question here.