Guide to Creating RS Media Macros

So you have explored all the personalities that come with your RS Media, and now you're looking for something new. Well look no further! Your RS Media was designed with imagination, innovation and creativity waiting to be unlocked ... by you! Through this guide, you will learn how to write your own Macros using the RS Media Software Suite. So put your creative cap on and lets get started!

Getting Started

First, you have to make sure your computer can handle it, then download and install the RS Media software suite. If you run into trouble, here's a guide to troubleshooting / getting help with the software.


  • A PC computer running Windows XP or later;
  • An RS Media robot OR an SD memory card with SD card reader plugged to (or built into) your computer

Installing the RS Media Software Suite

Your RS Media probably came with v1.2 of the RS Media software suite. The latest verion is v2.1. The 2.1 version is a little more user friendly, but when it comes to Macros they are pretty much the same. However, I almost always recommend using the latest version of software like this, so that's what I'll be using for this tutorial.

To install v2.1...

  1. Download the RS_MEDIA_SUITE_Version2_1.msi file to your computer from the WowWee support site.
  2. Run the MSI file.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to continue installing the software.

It is very likely updates will be available when you launch the software. WowWee automatically handles them for you, so just follow the prompts as they're presented.

RS Media Software Suite Auto-updater

Lastly, insert your SD card (into your PC), fire up your editing suite software, and pick a personality (say Spacebot).

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Creating Your Macro

Step 1: Create a new macro

First, you need to click on the upper toolbar of the Editing Suite. The screen will change, and you will see a list of options to use on your left. Right now we will deal with actions and conditions, later we will get into bodycons.

The tool will start you on a new macro. If it does not, then click .

Step 2: Add a "Camera Tracking" action

Expand the "actions" list on the left (by clicking the plus (+) sign). Lets assume you want to impress one of your friends to whom you've given a "Eat at Louie's" blue T-shirt. Under the actions you will see a "Camera_track.act". Click and drag it over the either of the existing nodes in the macro ("Start Macro" or "Finish Macro"), and drop it there. Note that if you try to drop it somewhere that is not on one of these notes, nothing will happen. You'll know you can drop it when the node turns a funky blue/black/purple color.

Now, click that icon and "Object Properties" will appear. You will see it set to a default of tracking human. Use the pull down menu in the box to change to blue, red or green depending on the color shirt you expect your victim friend to wear. Next, I recommend up'ing the time RSM will wait to recognize up a few seconds to give him longer to figure things out. Lastly, change the "About" text to reflect what the node does. I changed it to "Recognize T-Shirt".

Now let's add an audio file.

Step 3: Create an audio file for a macro or bodycon

This is extraordinarily simple. You can either download an audio file from somewhere on the web or record your own from within the software. Let's record one ... we'll have the robot say "Hey! Nice shirt, human."

To do so, simply drag a "Play an Audio File" action onto your macro after the "Camera Track" action. Keep in mind that if part of the macro you need to see scrolls off the page, then just left-click it and pull it back into view.

Record the file using the sound recorder on your PC. You will now need to convert it to an MP3 file, there are free converters online if you dont already have one. I recommend Goldwave.

To upload your file to your action, press the button in the object properties area.

Step 4: Take a photo of your shocked friend

Now that your friends mouth is open it would be a good time to take a picture. Simply drag over the "Take a photo" icon from the actions list, and there you go. RS Media will now capture this moment for all time.

Saving your Macro

Click , and save your newly-created macro to your library for future reference if you wish. Now click save again and you can save it to the bodycon spot you want.

If this personality you saved it in is not yet on your secure digital card, simply click the personality. Then click the arrow that points to the right on the Personality menu. You will see that this arrow points from the computer box to the robot box.

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Wrapping Up, and Some Alternatives

Its that simple! Now, let's check out a few alternations you could make to make this more fun...

Use a conditional&

As an alternate to the tracking method I described here, instead of tracking blue, you could use conditions. Right at the top you see the "sees blue" condition. Drag that over in place of the tracking, and your RSM will start the audio file and photo if it sees blue.

Pause before taking the picture

In the above example, let's assume you have a crowd of humanoids and you want a pause in between the audio file and picture. In actions, you will see "pause". Slide that in under your audio file and drop it. Now click it and you can set it for however long you want to pause before moving on to the next block.

Record a video after the deed

Maybe you want to record your friends response to this amazing feat of robotics?! Drag over the "record_video.act" action anywhere you want in the program. This will record video of a length you specify.

These are just some of the ways you can create your own Macros, its up to your creativity to see what you can come up with, but there are endless possibilities!

And remember, if you have questions or need help, just post your question to the RS Media forum.


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