Evolution of Robopanda

Everyone loves those cute cuddly black and white bears, especially here in Hong Kong. But, how about turning one into an interactive robot?

Our in-house robotics experts, designers and panda-lovers have invented Wowwee’s latest feat of genius. They started with stuffed teddy bears -- then evolved the final product into a touch-sensor-filled, charming, interactive, talkative, Wowwee RoboPanda.

Perfect for kids (and big kids) alike!

Let’s take a look at the evolutionary process of this unique robot-panda species…

* * * * *


Researching Teddy physics



"Gimme five!" The teddy bear we started with.

Panda physics


His basic form was then rendered on the computer.

Panda physics


Testing how he crawls around.

Panda physics


Tooling up the parts with a jigsaw puzzle

Panda innards


Teddy gets his suit of armour…the retrofit begins.

Teddy gets a skeleton


First hand-built prototype. "Fear me, hu-mans!"

Fear Me Hu-mans!

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Second prototype…Oops maybe not. Almost there…

Panda head, but still sketchy


Putting a proper skin on the second prototype.
Now, he’s starting to look more like a panda!

Side by Side



Third advanced working prototype.


He’s is less of a plush-toy and moving onto becoming a real robot!


Moving towards having a smooth bear shell minus the fur.





More pictures from the Evolution of Robopanda

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“Now, that looks more like it!”


A new Robopanda is born…


And Robopanda get his own little panda…
The family tree grows.


One of the first finished Robopandas with his hypnotic blue eyes…


“Look at me! My eyes match with the touch sensors on my hands and chest!”


A stylin’ metallic colour variation.


Ta-da! The cuteness continues with a cartoon rendering of Robopanda for packaging…

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