CES 2008: Meet the new WowWee Robot Lineup!

Wow - is all we have to say! We're willing to bet that all of you robo-ravers out there can't wait to meet WowWee's new line of robots in person. Check out the buzz on all of WowWee's awesome new lineup, coming in 2008. You can also click here for estimated release date and pricing information!

Alive Cubs

You might have a puppy or a kitten - but do you have you ever owned a baby lion? The Lion Cub, the first member of the new series of cubs from WowWee, lets you have one of your own. Learn how to nurture and take care of him - and watch how he reacts when you pay attention to him - he's the closest you'll get to a real wild animal in your home! Watch for the other baby cubs in the lineup, too!

Meet the WowWee Alive Lion Cub | Also featured on Engadget

The Rovio

Ever wanted to keep an eye on the office or your home while you're gone? Suspicious that someone stole your stapler once again? Or do you just want to terrorize the family dog? Whatever you fancy, the Rovio can be your watchful eye, wherever you are! Rovio is full of new and exciting advances in robotics that allow it to explore with ease.

Meet The WowWee Rovio | Video of Rovio at CES 2008 | Video Interview on Engadget | Also featured on Robots Rule and InfoSync

Mr. Personality

Always have to get in a good punchline, eh? We've all known a jokester or two in our travels: enter Mr. Personality. You can converse with him and even have him tell you your fortune. With an expansive ability to customize, Mr. Personality's potential for entertainment is endless.

Meet Mr Personality | I4U Image Gallery | Video of Mr Personality at CES 2008 | Also featured on Robots Rule


Tri-Bot brings a whole new dimension to robotics with his tilt-sensitive controller and "young robot" personality. Just try to keep up with him while you play games or listen to him tell jokes!

Meet the Tri-Bot | Hands On With Tri-Bot at CES 2008 | Featured on Robots Rule | Gizmodo Image Gallery


The FemiSapien is truly the most maneuverable and advanced walking female robot yet! FemiSapien is so intelligent, she even speaks her own language - and can interact with and control other WowWee robots. You'll "dance" with excitement at everything she can do!

Hands On with the FemiSapien at CES 2008 | Meet the WowWee FemiSapien | Featured on Robots Rule

The Chatterbots

Bringing some humor to the cubicle life, ChatterBot has something to say about almost everything you do on your computer! Watch as any one of the three designs listens to what you do - you'll never know what's going to happen next!

Meet the WowWee Chatterbots | See the Chatterbots at CES 2008

Wrex the Dawg

Wrex the Dawg - a lovable creation brought to life in your own home! You'll have to pay close attention to learn how you can read how he's feeling and what he needs - or even when "nature calls!" Keep your eye out for when he "malfunctions" and reprogram him - but who knows what will happen! Or, he can just run wild like the "junkyard dog" he is!

Meet Wrex the Dawg | Pocket Lint Demo | Also featured on Robots Rule and Coolest-Gadgets.com | Video of Wrex at CES 2008


The RoboRemote is a dream come true for owners of more than one WowWee robot. This handy device can be programmed to support any current or future model, and can be customized and updated to keep up to date.

Featured on Robots Rule |

FlyTech Bladestar

The FlyTech Bladestar will change helicopter flight as we know it. Its innovative design allows it, among other things, to direct itself about its flying area safely - all on its own. You can even dogfight two Bladestars - the ultimate in living room competition.

Learn More About the WowWee Bladestar | Featured on Robots Rule

FlyTech Dragon

The FlyTech Dragon and Bat are durable, easy to fly, and let everyone experience the excitement of flight! It can be launched from any flat surface, and the user-friendly controller (perfect for small sized hands) can control its height and speed!

FlyTech FairyFly

Irresistibly cute and dressed for the season, the FlyTech FairyFly can soar with three of her friends in the same room! Choose from four designs: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter - and they all have their own stories!

FlyTech Butterfly

Elegant and beautiful, the FlyTech Butterfly is a perfect introduction to flight. Watch her dance in the air!

FlyTech Moth

The FlyTech Moth imitates the real flight patterns of its namesake - just launch him from the charger and watch him go - and he's super durable, too! It's also available as the FlyTech Mosquito.


Whoa - did you see that? Watch out for the super-fast new member of WowWee's new Fun line - the Bug-Bot! It scurries around like a real insect and can even crawl over objects - but don't try to squish it!

Meet Slider and the rest of the BugBots


Check out the new line of MiniBots - the Mini FemiSapien, Mini Tri-Bot, and Mini Wrex the Dawg - they're battery-operated versions of their bigger counterparts - to keep you company on your desk, or just about anywhere!

Stay tuned for more information about WowWee's exciting new lineup!


Jeff's picture

Rovio looks and sounds exactly like what I am looking for.  Do you know when it supposed to be released?  Are there any plans to perform any user testing that I could participate in?  I always have tons of opinions. ;)  Great work Wow Wee.

Peter Redmer's picture

Hey Jeff - thanks for stopping by!  I'm excited about the Rovio as well - it's great stuff!  Stay tuned for more information on the Rovio to be up soon.

And we love opinions, too - keep 'em coming!


milw's picture

hi Jeff, in one of the videos, Davin Sufer (the CTO of WowWee) mentioned availability in summer '08.

See other comments on Rovio in another thread. 

Welcome to the community!

cheers- Scott 

Gabe's picture

Hey everyone,
Rovio will be available towards the end of 2008. Thanks for all the enthusiasm!

Lepy's picture

hi jeff!the rovio does look nice! i think i want one...

Jeff Block's picture

I agree. The Rovio is one of the most interesting bots on the docket. We're researching exactly what he's going to do and not do, and will have more information posted soon.

iflyrc1012's picture


is there an exact release date for bladestar?? will it only be available at target? can i be the first to tear one to shreds and the re-assemble it, add larger batteries to it? modify the wings so it flies longer,faster, higher??? lol!!!

Robotdude101's picture

The Moth thing I think I sent in. I asked them to make a robot from Mothman. But doesn't look like the creature. I hope that isn't the mothman I asked them to build.

raymon2007's picture

how much does the tri bot cost?

Currahee's picture

i think mr. personality will be the funnest one to play with

John K. Lynch's picture

Hi, I currenty own the ER1 and I'm looking foward to purchasing the Rovio.
I was enterested in the location to purchase; I'm located in Columbus Ohio 43232. Also, I would like to beccome one of your resalers of the Rovio.
Please contact me either way thanks John Lynch.

John K. Lynch's picture