Meet the WowWee Alive Lion Cub!

Meet the Alive Lion Cub - the very first in a new series of super-realistic animal companions from WowWee!

Many of us, especially those with vivid imaginations, have wanted a wild animal for a pet at some point - but we all know that's not very likely. Wouldn't it be great to have your own pet lion, that responds to your every touch?

The Lion Cub has a whole array of vibrant features that make him look like a true king of the jungle. His fur is realistically textured and patterned to mimic that of a real lion. He has eyes that blink and an animated mouth. Finally, he possesses an impressive array of sounds that he will use to interact with you.

Lion Cub will also change his behavior depending on how you play with him. Pamper him by stroking his back, patting his head, or cradling him - and he will purr and meow.  Leave him alone, and he will purr himself into Sleep Mode. Play too rough with him, however, and he may yowl at you!

With a combination of authentic-looking fur and expressions, along with fully interactive behavior, the Lion Cub is the perfect "wild" animal companion for everyone!

WowWee Alive Lion Cub

Features of the Alive Lion Cub

  • Patterned and textured fur
  • Animated mouth and blinking eyes
  • Sounds including purr, mew, and yowl
  • Automatic Sleep Mode

Tech Specs

  • 1 X Motor
  • 1 X Speaker
  • 1 X Tilt Sensor
  • 2 X Touch Sensors
  • Micro-Controller with recorded LION CUB sounds

Expected Availability: Summer 2008

Suggested Retail Price: $59.00

Watch for Lion Cub's pals coming soon: The White Tiger Cub, Panda Cub, and Polar Bear Cub!

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GWJax's picture

If they walked and continued to get smarter as they grow then I would get one. but since they don't it will stay on the store shelf. Sorry Woo Wee

blabbermouth's picture

Took the words right out of mouth i robot!  I really hoped that Wow Wee was actually going to come out with a quality product but with the new marriage to Evolution Robotics they might actually make a robot instead of a remote control gadget.   I hope Wow Wee doesn't make a Butterscotch Pony next!  On the other hand maybe wow wee will make a Mons Venus Girl robot, but if she requires a remote control than I'm just going to use my hand.

Currahee's picture

what month is the cubs coming out in?

Grandlarseny37's picture

I saw the video on engadget. i can't believe how loud the motor is

GWJax's picture

GWJax said: If they walked and continued to get smarter as they grow then I would get one. but since they don't it will stay on the store shelf. Sorry Woo Wee

Well I was wrong with this quote. I have the Panda Alive now and I have to say I love it, This is another bot that I will NOT rip down, I feel like a little kid again when I hug it and pet it to hear its sounds. It brings my heart rate down when I'm stressed out and the touch of his fur is gentel on my sore hands and arms. Its almost like a stuff toy that I though only kids would enjoy but yet there is something about it that is so relaxing to hold and touch. So I hearby retrack my statements from above and say GREAT JOB WowWee!


Kirstin's picture

I really want a wow wee alive because it's awsome.

Angelyn Cunningham's picture

The WowWee Lion Cub is the's picture

We found that the WowWee Alive Lion outsells the rest of the full size WowWee Alive range 3:1. With the WoWee Alive Mini's, we've found the WowWee Alive White Tiger outsells everything at 7:1!!!