Dance Along with the WowWee FemiSapien!

Sophisticated, intelligent, charming, and talented - sounds like the perfect girl - and FemiSapien has it all.

FemiSapien is the most agile walking female robot out there! Her arms and legs move with ease, and she is remarkably mobile. Choose from using touch, sight, or sound to interact with her.

FemiSapien's 4-way joystick hands can be used to change her motion, and with thirty-six functions and twenty interactive routines, she's quite the entertainer!

Taking charge is also one of her specialties - she can converse with and even control other robots in the WowWee lineup. Listen to her "talk" in her own unique language of sounds and gestures.

She has three modes of operation, and these can be accessed by tilting her head into one of three positions. Her Learning Mode allows you to instruct her, in real time, through a series of movements. In her third mode, Responsive Mode, she will play back your custom movements. Finally, her Attentive Mode allows her to intelligently "wander" about; she can see over 1.2 feet in front of her, and can hear you from across the room! She'll interact with her environment by exploring, seeing, hearing, and dancing.

Oh - we didn't mention that she's quite the dancer? Play a song, any song - and FemiSapien will detect the music. She'll move and shimmy along with the beat, which is really fun to watch!

With remarkable agility, sophisticated interaction, and a fun personality, FemiSapien is sure to amaze and entertain you.

Features of the WowWee FemiSapien

  • Sophisticated language and gestures
  • Control her by sight, sound, touch, or her 4-way joystick hands
  • Will detect music and dance alongPlayback of recorded move routines
  • IR radar with 1.2 ft. range and hearing ability

Tech Specs

  • 5 X Motors
  • 3 X Interactive Modes: Attentive, Responsive, and Learning
  • 4 X Position Switches - located in each joystick hand and can access up to 56 functions
  • 1 X IR Receiver
  • 2 X IR Transmitters
  • 1 X Microphone - to detect music, words, and sharp noises
  • 1 X speaker with 90 seconds of sound
  • 2 X Tilt Sensors - for forwards and backwards fall detection
  • 56 functions and 68 hidden functions
  • Song initiated dancing

Expected Availability: Late Summer 2008

Suggested Retail Price: $99.99

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Hands On with the FemiSapien at CES 2008


eovti's picture

I have no real girlfriend (my latest relationship was with a girl in The Sims 2, but she died in the bathroom), I am totally lacking in the social skills department & i'm a nerd. Could this be the solution to my problems?

I could give her a name and buy her nice girlie things... take her to the pub with me... whisper sweet things in her microphone... or am I just stark raving mad?

robofan08's picture

No, me and many others who aren't lucky with the dating scene have a tendency to be infatuated with anime girls or realistic types like this robot. It may be wierd to some but it's not, it's just a preference. Even though they are not breathing organisms, they can supply needs that the real thing may not, They are nice to look at, you can program them to do what you want except cook(yet). They won't cheat on you unless it's a videogame girl where your actions decide what happens, and they are always there when you need them and you can save money on your phone bill. You can also draw.Anything you create comes from your mind and feelings and can satisfy you, just don't get too serious, check out the movie "Cool World" and see what happens when you do. Similar movies to see are "Wierd Science" and "Mannequin".