Revolutionary Helicopter Flight: Meet the FlyTech Bladestar

Helicopter flight is often thought of as one of the more elusive and difficult forms of RC aerial endeavors. With the FlyTech Bladestar, WowWee has brought a new dimension into play - and makes helicopter flight enjoyable for everyone!

Bladestar is absolutely amazing - you have to see it to believe it. What makes Bladestar so unique is its sensor-based navigation system; it's the first flying toy to have one.

This system enables Bladestar to intelligently guide itself throughout the room - it will avoid the ceiling and any other obstacles as well. What's really impressive is that seemingly by "magic," you can control its flight using just your hands!

If you'd like, you can grab the digital IR remote that comes with Bladestar and take full control. It also charges from the remote for convenience, and will fly for five minutes after a charge time of twenty minutes.

If you're feeling like the Red Baron - go ahead and get a friend to dogfight with you! See who can hit the "fire" button on the remote first - and "shoot" down your opponent. Better shape up on your Bladestar flying skills, or sacrifice your living room bragging rights!

Finally, Bladestar is durable and designed by WowWee to be crash-resistant, using light "high-flex" materials. It's built for indoor use only, perfect for year round flying fun. Just in case something does happen, Bladestar comes with two spare blades and two spare propellers.

Store Bladestar in its included protective carrying case - that is, if you can manage to put it down!

Features of the FlyTech Bladestar

  • Unique spinning blade action
  • Dogfight capabilities
  • Indoor-only flight, perfect year round
  • Two spare blades and two spare propellers included
  • Protective carrying case included
  • Dogfight accessory included
  • Avilable in two styles: Flame and Dragon

Tech Specs

  • Wingspan of 12" (30cm)
  • Recharges from remote controller
  • Flight time - approx. 5 mins.
  • Charge time - approx 20 mins.
  • Remote controller - 3 Channel Digital IR Proportional
    • Height/Power
    • Forward/Back
    • Left/Right
    • Dogfight accessory

Expected Availability: February - Target Exclusive

Suggested Retail Price: $49.99

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iflyrc1012's picture

regarding the bladestar, how many different channels will it be offered in?? or better yet is it offered in 2.4 ghz?

juno's picture

it is good but they brake to easy and you cant get spairs

MrScott's picture

juno said:
it is good but they brake to easy and you cant get spairs


According to the WowWeeStore, you can get spares of the wings and propeller.

Package includes 2 pair spare blades plus Propeller

Online Price: $15.00