Meet the Robot with Charm: "Mr. Personality"

Ever wanted your own personal comedian? Or are you just looking for a robot with real comedy character? If so - look no further than this new personal robot from WowWee: Mr. Personality.

Everything he does and says is full of his unique charm and wit. This super-intelligent jester can do so many things: he can read your daily fortune, tell you jokes, and even answer questions about your future - and you can also interact with him using multilpe sensors and activity modes.

Like the WowWee Tribot, his three-wheel base allows him to move with distinctive omni-directional motion. His upper body is fully animated. This fine fellow can also detect and avoid obstacles, along with telling you when he's taken a spill or when he's running low on power.

One of the most unique things about Mr. Personality is his full-color LCD screen. It's used to animate his facial features - which are also synchronized. Laugh as he jokes and converses with you - just like a real cartoon character.

There's also more than one side to Mr. Personality - you can download new personalities from the Internet! Using the built-in SD memory card slot, or by USB transfer, you can change Mr. Personality into limitless other jokesters. The more advanced user can create their own personalities; the possibilities are endless.

With multiple activity modes, an animated body, a unique LCD screen to represent his moods and conversation, and customizable personalities - Mr. Personality is sure to have the crowd rolling with laughter!

Features of the WowWee Mr. Personality

  • USB connectivity
  • SD memory card slot for extra storage
  • Three wheel omni-directional motion
  • Tells jokes, stories, daily fortune, and much more
  • Full color LCD screen to display his face - complete with synchronized expressions
  • Various play modes including Bits, Crystal Ball, Fortune Cookies, and more

Tech Specs

  • Fully animated upper body
  • Three-wheeled omni-directional motion base
  • Built-in microphone for voice memos
  • Color LCD screen
  • 64MB of built-in memory
  • Speaker
  • Audio input connector
  • LED battery indicator
  • SD memory card slot
  • Requires 6 X "C" size batteries
  • Remote Controller
    • "Yes," "No," and "OK" buttons for interactive functions
    • Requires 3 X "AAA" batteries

System Requirements

  • PC Compatible computer w/ minimum Pentium 4 processor or equivalent
  • Windows XP or WIndows Vista
  • 256MB of ram
  • USB connectivity

Expected Availability: Late Summer 2008

Suggested Retail Price: $249.99

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