Meet Wrex the Dawg - A Real Junkyard (Robotic) Dog

Pieced together from junk parts, nuts, and bolts, Wrex the Dawg from WowWee Robotics truly has a mind of his own. This wacky mutt is a whole lot of fun, and he's unpredictable, too...

You can enjoy your time with Wrex in so many ways:

First, you could just let him roam on his own, like a real wild pooch. He'll dart around on his hind wheels, avoiding obstacles and edges along the way. Watch out, though - he might "malfunction," in which case you'll need to re-program him, using the remote controller, to fix him up. Wrex might listen to you - but it's more likely that he could go wild, or simply disobey. There's even a chance that he'll start acting like a cat - imagine that!

Second, you can play with him as he scoots around and interacts with you. Like an authentic pup, he has his own changing moods. All of these are expressed by his loony "slot machine" eyes, twitching ears, tilting head, and wagging tail. Wrex can be happy, angry, or of course: crazy! In addition, you'l have to assist him in fulfilling his most basic canine needs: exercise, hunger, or the pause that refreshes: the Call of Nature!

Finally, you can put this mangy mongrel to good use by putting him in "Guard" Mode. He'll become a lean, mean, protecting machine; he'll diligently warn you as intruders cross his path.

If you want your robot companion to keep you guessing, shake things up, and have you laughing hysterically, then Wrex the Dawg is perfect for you.

Features of Wrex the Dawg

  • "Slot-machine" eyes that express his moods and desires, that change just like a real dog
  • Reprogram him - but he may not listen!
  • Take Wrex for a stroll as he scampers on his hind wheels, or let him roam freely
  • "Guard Mode' in which he'll warn you as strangers approach
  • Wrex is expressive: he has a turning head, twitching ears, wagging tail - he can even pant

Tech Specs

  • 9 X Motors
  • 10 X Eye Icon Combinations
  • IR Sensors
  • Speakers
  • Requires 4 X "C" and 2 X "AA" size batteries
  • Remote Controller
  • Requires 3 X "AAA" size batteries

Expected Availability: Early Fall 2008

Suggested Retail Price: $149.99

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Check out a hands on video of Wrex at CES 2008 here!


roschler's picture

You know the great thing about CES is that we get to see all these wonderful new robots.  The awful thing is that WE HAVE TO WAIT TO GET THEM!

 This goofy guy is on my instant-purchase list.  

flytech boy's picture

in aus are they

flytech boy's picture

in aus are they