Meet WowWee's Tri-Bot: "New" and Full of Character

Fresh from the robot factory, Tri-Bot is ready to rock and roll, whether you're playing games, controlling him directly, or listening to him tell you jokes!

Possessing a "new robot" personality, the Tri-Bot is packed with character. His "pop-top" head and animated eyebrows tell you how he's feeling. His distinctive, three-wheel design allows for omni-directional movement, and he's quite agile. Tri-Bot can even tell you when he's fallen over and can avoid obstacles on his own.

To take advantage of this, use the included remote controller, which employs a "tilt-sensor." By tilting the controller, you can guide this mechanical pal however you like

Speaking of fun, this little guy has multiple play modes for hours of entertainment. Use the controller to guide him through his included games: Pattern, Maze, Minefield, and more.

Finally, if you're having trouble getting up in the morning, use his "Countdown Alarm" mode to wake you up. But, you'll have to catch him to stop him!

If you're looking for a playful, interactive robot filled with personality - who's also easy and fun to control - look no further than Tri-Bot.

Features of the Tri-Bot

  • "New robot" personality that encourages interaction
  • "Pop-top" head with animated eyebrows
  • Multiple game modes, including Pattern, Maze, and Minefield
  • Multiple play modes for hours of entertainment
  • Three-wheel omni-directional movement base
  • Tilt-sensitive remote controller
  • "Countdown Alarm" mode
  • Obstacle and fall detection

Tech Specs of the Tri-Bot

  • Animated Face
  • Three-wheeled omni-directional base
  • 3 X Motors
  • 3 X IR Sensors
  • Poseable arms
  • Built-in Speaker
  • LED Indicator
  • Requires 8 X "AA" size batteries
  • Remote Controller:
    • Tilt Sensor for directional movement
    • Requires 3 X "AAA" size batteries

Expected Availability: Summer 2008

Suggested Retail Price: $99.99

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