Meet The WowWee Chatterbot - Your New Desktop Companion

Chatterbots are whimsical, highly stylized companions that hang out on your desktop. There are three distinctively different, collectable designs: The Fairy Godfather, Devil/Angel, and Dog/Cat. Each has its own unique personality, vocabulary, and "signature" animation.

Your chatty compatriots have no shortage of things to say, and know exactly when to say it - or perhaps exactly when they shouldn't! Chatterbot will chime in unpredictably with a stream of jokes, dialog, and plenty of comments about your electronic lifestyle.

They have the ability to "listen" to key words and phrases that you type on your computer, and provide the appropriate hilarious anecdote. Even your emails, calendar events, reminders, and instant messages aren't safe!

You can connect your Chatterbot to either a Mac or PC with the included USB cable. The included software package can be used to customize your Chatterbot (imagine the possibilities!) and to launch your favorite quips on demand.

When you're not enjoying their crazy banter, Chatterbots can be used as a standalone speaker.

Features of the Chatterbot

  • Available in three collectible designs
  • Can be used as a standalone speaker
  • Connects to computer via USB cable
  • Easy to install software is compatible with both PC and Intel Macs
  • Customizable responses
  • Ability to trigger random comments and factoids
  • "Speaks" through its own built-in speaker
  • Signature animation for each outrageous design
  • Detects email, calendar events, IM's, and more

Tech Specs of the Chatterbot

System Requirements for Chatterbot

  • PC Compatible with Pentium processor or equivalent running Windows XP or Vista
  • Intel-based Mac running Mac OS X
  • 256 MB of RAM
  • USB connectivity

Expected Availability: Late Spring 2008

Suggested Retail Price: $49.99

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See the Chatterbots In Action at CES 2008


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linux is a OS no compatible whit the chatterbot, so bad, i should get one, but i no have windows :(

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Thanks for the info on the chatterbox's