New WowWee BugBots: Collect Your Own Swarm

Whoa, careful! That's a WowWee BugBot that just zoomed by - just try to catch it!

These ultra-slick little creatures are the newest edition to the Fun line of WowWee robots. Collectible and available in six different styles, you're sure to have a blast watching them buzz around in your living room.

There are two different species that you can adopt for your own: BugBots with tracks, and BugBots with wheels.

Blitz, Trax, and Zook come in the track design - which allows them to easily climb over obstacles that stand in their way - even other BugBots.
Slider, Skipper, and Flapper employ the design with wheels, which allows them to swiftly and smoothly zip around the room.

You can interact with your BugBot using the touch sensor, which will cause it to react like a real creepy crawlie, or watch as they automatically interface with other BugBots and create their own swarm.

Features of the BugBot

  • Touch sensors on BugBot make it move and act like a real bug
  • Will autonomously interact with other robots
  • Tread-based and wheel-based models available
  • Collectible - six designs in all

Tech Specs of the BugBot

  • Uses 2 X "AAA" sized batteries
  • 2 X Touch sensors
  • Tread or wheel-based locomotion

Expected Availability: Late Spring / Early Summer 2008

Suggested Retail Price: $9.99

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roschler's picture

Video please.  Especially of the swarm interaction feature.

Kadeiqus's picture

How do these compare, and or, what is their relationship to the "B.I.O. Bugs" that Tiden put out several years back?  Is the same technology used here, as far as the analog signal and abilities to remember?

GWJax's picture

I need a video before I make a comment. they do look alot like the ones I used to make by Mark Tiden. GWJax

RobosapienV2-4mem8's picture

Ok, I have to admit I do not normally like bug type robots AKA stick like, I missed this post somehow, These look a bit more interesting with a body, But will need to see a video to assess it better.