Wrex the Dawg, Hands on at CES 2008

Wrex the Dawg had me laughing hysterically; he's a crazy canine, and a little unpredictable - but he makes a great companion. You see, he's been "hot-wired" from junkyard parts, and who knows what that can do to a pooch!

You can let Wrex roam on his own, just like a real dog. Except, of course, that he might malfunction - requiring you to reprogram him - which can have some hilarious and unexpected results! This wacky mutt might not listen to you, or even start acting like a cat. Using whimsical "slot-machine" eyes, he'll tell you what he needs and what he's feeling, and you'll never have a shortage of ways to play with him.

Check out some of Wrex's great personality in this hands-on video from CES, and don't forget to read about all of his great features here at RoboCommunity!

Meet Wrex the Dawg | Meet the WowWee 2008 Lineup



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This looks kinda cool to buy! Is it worth the shot?