Hands On with the WowWee Chatterbot at CES 2008

Chatterbots are whimsical, highly stylized companions that hang out on your desktop. There are three distinctively different, collectable designs: The Fairy Godfather, Devil/Angel, and Dog/Cat. Each has its own unique personality, vocabulary, and "signature" animation.

They'll "listen in" to things you type in your computer - even instant messages and calendar reminders aren't safe from their comedic commentary.

Liven up your cubicle with Chatterbots - and while you're at it, you can learn more about them here at RoboCommunity. You can check out the other new models WowWee has unveiled, too!

Check out this video from CES 2008 to see the Chatterbots in action!

Meet the WowWee Chatterbot | Meet the WowWee 2008 Lineup


Nocturnal's picture

Hey Peter, that video link doesn't work. The video is apparently private.

roschler's picture

Yes a lot of them are like that.

MrScott's picture

Sure enough, if you chase the source, dredge out the video id, and go fishing for it directly, you see a message of the form

This is a private video. If you have been sent this video, please make sure you accept the sender's friend request.

Nocturnal's picture

Hence, why I said the video was apparently private.

Kadeiqus's picture

Do you know how many times I have clicked on a video link around here and gotten that message...   LOL

Such a TEASE!  Tongue out

RobosapienV2-4mem8's picture

M'mmm so annoying.

Peter Redmer's picture

I apologize everyone, the issue with the video has been resolved.

Thanks for your patience!


Nocturnal's picture

Nice to finally see Michelle in the flesh (so to speak), and good to finally see what the ChatterBots look like in action.

Peter Redmer's picture

I really like the idea of the Chatterbots.  What I envision is making custom Chatterbot personalities with various voices, etc.  That could be a lot of fun.  Imagine how you could set up a friend by loading it with custom phrases and giving it as a gift... the possibilities are endless...

RobosapienV2-4mem8's picture

Thanks Peter, Also good to see Michelle in the flesh. A lot of fun to be had.

GWJax's picture

I could see a lot of fun with one of these. GWJax