Hands On with the WowWee TriBot at CES 2008

Possessing a "new robot" personality, the Tri-Bot is packed with character. His "pop-top" head and animated eyebrows tell you how he's feeling. His distinctive, three-wheel design allows for omni-directional movement, and he's quite agile. Tri-Bot can even tell you when he's fallen over and can avoid obstacles on his own.

He's also got a unique, tilt-sensitive remote controller that you can use to control him easily. You'll never be bored - he's got plenty of jokes and stories to tell!

You canl earn more about the TriBot here at RoboCommunity, and the other new models as well.

Check out this hands-on video of the Tribot in action at CES 2008, and enjoy!

Meet the WowWee TriBot | Meet the WowWee 2008 Lineup


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Another video link that is no longer available......

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ya, you'd think they'd get it after a while.

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The issue with video playback has been resolved.

Thanks for your patience!


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Not sure I'll want to use that alarm clock mode... If I have to smack him on the head to make him stop, there is a fair chance that I am REALLY going to smack him if I dont want to get up.

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Tell me about it!

I'm usually not a happy camper in the morning until I get my coffee...

Check out this thread for my TriBot haiku (silly, I know, but I couldn't resist)

I'm interested in playing with the tilt-sensitive remote... I would like to see how sensitive and accurate it is.  If it works well, that would add a lot to the Tribot.