Transforming Elvis to the Terminator - Part 2

Welcome back; I hope you have enjoyed the first part of this hack!

Now, it's time to remove the skin. This part is one of the most time consuming steps. First, DO NOT use a sharp razor blade. Instead, use the small flat blade screwdriver. This will prevent any slipups; you could potentially cut the robot skin in half. We'll start by removing the wig. The wig is hot-glued to the head until the point where it reaches the skin, then it is sewn on. From the back, simply pull up on the wig all the way to the skin on both sides.

Once you are at this point, it's time to remove the wig from the skin. Pull up until you see the thread, which is close to the ear or possibly a little bit further up. Cut this thread and pull it out one thread at a time until you reach the center of his head. There, you'll find another thread to cut. Continue all the way around until you get to the other ear. Cut the thread there also. Now, the wig will be completely removed.

We can now remove the robot's skin. The easy way is to start at the neck where the skin meets the head. Use the flat head screw driver and pull up on the skin, and scrape the skin away at the base of the plastic as you go. Once you get to the ears, line trace the screwdriver between the plastic and the ear. This will release the glue from this point; while pulling a little on the skin, continue to the center of the head. Then, start on the other side. This does take a lot of time, so don't rush it.

At this time, we will be working on the chest area. This is one of the hardest places. Continue on which ever side you choose, and scrape / pull the skin away. This silicone has good elastic to it and is around 1/4 inch thick in most places. Once the chest is off, pull the top part of the head over his eyes. Here, you'll see that the eyebrows can be disconnected, once the forehead is off. Disconnect the eyebrows by pulling them out of their sockets.

Now for the eyes. Take your time with this, so you do not cut throught the eyelashes. The skin is also much thinner at this point. Once you have the eyelids loose, pull down until you get to the nose. The nose is connected by a screw that is inaccessible at this point; you'll have to cut out the silicone that goes through the nose to get to it. Use a pair of clippers or a razor blade for this.

At this point, put the skin back in place and let's work on the mouth and chin section. Gently pull down on the bottom lip, removing the skin from each side. Once this is done, pull the skin back over the head and remove the skin from the upper lips. Pull down on the entire skin until you reach the chin, and continue removal. Congratulations - your're done with the skin! Store the skin in a box, keeping paper inside of the skin to help keep the shape of the face. If you are going to store it for a long period of time, make sure to put the wig in a plastic bag so debris will stay out of it.

Next article will cover what's inside Elvis's head (haven't you always wanted to know?) Stay tuned as we get closer to "TerminElvis!"


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RobosapienV2-4mem8's picture

M'mmmm, I got so excited GWjax I wanted to carry on [D**n] Note to myself, Must go and raid Peter's office for part 3.

GWJax's picture

Part 3 is already in I think Peter is only posting one a week so I must get part 4 done fast. Thanks for the great comments. GWJax

Elvensynth's picture

When i peeled mine off, the eyelashes came off. Also mine did not have a check mark on the forehead.

GWJax's picture

Thats OK just try to release the eyelashes from the skin and glue them back on or buy som fak eyelashes and glue them on instead. I'm glad you did not tear the eye lid as they are thin.
About the check mark tht has to do with something with assembly it maks no diffrence, because it will get sanded off any way in part 5 when its finnished.

Currahee's picture

ya'll r geniuses

GWJax's picture

thanks for that but we really arn't geniuses, we just like to make things and change our bots around to suit our needs.

RobosapienV2-4mem8's picture

Agreed with that statement GW, I have that many bots on the go right now that I could stop work and still not have a enough time to finish them all.