Transforming Elvis to the Terminator #3: The Brain!

Here's part 3 of the "Elvinator" modification to the Alive Elvis: "Inside Elvis's brain!"

(How fun is that?)

In this part, we are going to look at the innards of the "brain cavity." First, let's look at the back of the head. There are 5 screws that hold the head in place and 4 screws that hold the wire harness together, which are supported by the back of the head. Let's take out the 4 screws and remove the cover, along with the 2 bar supports.


This will free up the harness. Now, take out the 5 screws from the back skull and remove the cover.

Here, you'll see some of the motors and more boards. Cut the ties and brown tape on all wire supported locations, and remove all connectors from these boards. Don't worry about what the board does just yet; we will get to that soon enough.

Disconnect all of the boards except the top board; this one is next to the top motor gear box. In order to remove that board, the face must be removed first. To remove the front face, you must take out 3 screws from the nose area as seen below.

This area is attached to the eye assembly. Once these 3 screws are removed, then turn the head to the back and you'll find a black hinge attached to the neck shaft. Hold the head while removing these 2 screws.

Once this is done, the face will fall off, so be careful when removing these screws. You definitely don't want to drop the face assembly! Now, remove the sensor connector plugs from the top board, and place the bust aside. Remove the head motor control board and sensor boards, and place them aside. Now, it's time to remove the eyes. The white plate is connected by 4 screws, one in each corner. Remove these, and then remove the white plate. Now, to remove the eyes, you must remove the eye "lift-up-down" motor which is located at the top left gear box. You will then remove the side eye mounts. These side mounts are the metal plates with 2 screws on each side. Remove those, and the eyes will come out of the head.


Leave the eyelid motor gearbox on the head, and we'll also leave the jaw intact. Your empty head should look like the image below when complete.


This concludes the breakdown on the brain cavity, Next, in part 4, I'll explain what each board does and how we can use them in building our own small circuit to control the eyes in part 5. As you can see, I am making each part "short and sweet" so I do not overwhelm you with information. Also, keep each section of screws and boards in separate bags for faster reassembly. Notice that each motor has a VR to determine where the home location is in. This will help us out when it comes time for programming.

These first 3 parts are the simple ones, so get ready for some fun in the upcoming chapters!


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Nice GW, But I am getting impatient, Just when I get all fired up I have to wait again, Sob,Sob.Sob. Anyone else feel the same as me !!.Cry

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i feel the same as you!! i cant wait for part 4!

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Part 4 is only the boards not so exciting, Sorry, But 5 and 6 now were talking...... Thanks everyone GWJax

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I'm not even in to Elvis at all, but it does sound exciting.

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Just wait JT keep up with the post in the threads and articles I really think you'll get into Elvis. pun intended