Robosapien V1's Awards and Accolades

Robosapien V1 was the first robot designed and produced by WowWee, as well as the first biped robot to not use wheels in its feet. It was extremely well received, becoming one of the "Must Have" toys in its first year. It quickly aquired a devoted fanbase of robot enthusiasts and hackers, and continues continues to be one of the mpst popular consumer grade robots available on the market.

FamilyFun Toy of the Year Award  
Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Award  
Creative Child Magazine Preferred Choice Award  
iParenting Media "Hot" Award  
National Parenting Center 2004 Seal of Approval  
Child Magazine "Best Toys" November  
Canadian Toy Testing Council - Three Stars  
Hamley's "Toy of Tomorrow" Award  
Hamley's "Toy of the Year" Award  
T3 Magazine - Five Star Gold Award  
Duracell's 2004 European Top Toy Survey - Top 10  
Dr. Toy - 100 Best Children's Products for 2004  
2004 Hong Kong Award for Industry  
German Toy Association Toy of the Year  
National Parenting Publications 2004 Honor Award  
British Toy and Hobby Association - Top 10  
Toy Wishes - Top 10 Toys for Big kids  
e-toys 2004 Holiday Hot List - 5/5 Rating and 5/5 Fun Score  
#1 on Yahoo's Top 10 List "Toys for All"  
Parenting Magazine - Toy of the Year, Ages 8-12  
South Africa Toy & Baby Association - Toy of the Year  
Best Cutting Edge Toy of 2004 - South Africa  
New Zealand Duracell 2004 Toy Test - Top Ten  
Australian Toy Fair - Boys Toy of the Year  
Australia Toy & Hobby Retailer - Toy of the Year  
#1 Selling Toy - United Kingdom NPD Report  
Circuit City - 2005 Hot Holiday Toy List