The Fairy Godfather Chatterbot from WowWee

Welcome to my Fairy Godfather Chatterbot introduction. The anticipation was killing me for him to arrive! And, now that he’s here, I would like to introduce you to him!

He is not your typical Fairy Godmother, but rather, a laid back fat Mafia Fairy Godfather that loves to talk. The trigger keys and miscellaneous phrases are quite lengthy (1382 of them to be exact) so you’ll hear him talk a lot! He holds a remote in his left hand and the wand in his right hand that shines a blue light from it and also moves up and down. While sitting in his lazy boy chair, his legs will move back and forth. He also has a tattoo on his right arm with a heart and the word MOM on it and a ship's anchor on the forearm. I guess he loves his mother and the Navy, as we all do ;) On his belly you’ll find a slice of pizza and, of course, he's got wings, a tutu, and ballerina shoes to complete the look. His voice has a New Yorker’s accent that is hilarious to hear.

The software is easy to install - even though the directions say it will auto load, mine did not. However, once I ran the setup program from the CD drive, it was flawless. One thing though; make sure you install the software first, then attach the Godfather with the supplied cable. You do not need to add batteries in him if you are only using it for the PC. Once I ran the program, I forgot to set up the audio defaults so everything was coming out of the Chatterbot's speaker. Follow the instructions that are given to you in the manual to correct this problem.

Two things that I am disappointed in are the loudness of the motors (but a good greasing in his one motor gear box will correct this loud noise) and the speaker volume is not loud enough to really hear him talk. You can turn off the motion of his limbs, and this improves the sound a little bit. Stay tuned - I'm looking to publish a hack that will help you to take him apart and grease this gear box to alleviate the problem, and also to help the volume issue. The nice thing is that there is an audio jack for your MP3 player to be connected to it in the back using the supplied cable, but you must install 4 AA batteries in it to use this function (assuming that you do not have it connected to the PC) If you do have it connected to the PC, then the audio will come out of the Fairy Godfather and no other sound from him, but you will get motion from his legs and arm as you type.

The software is very easy to understand and it will allow you to do the following:

  • 1. Factoid - makes the chatterbot say random factual tidbits.
  • 2. Random - makes the Chatterbot say random comments.
  • 3. Wish - make a wish and he will grant it sometimes. Hehe
  • 4. Sleep/Wake up - toggles sleep mode which temporarily stops all remarks and movements. Click it again and he will resume his antics.
  • 5. Search field - This allows you to type in a term for which you want to search for. Useful to find unwanted trigger words so you can uncheck them.
  • 6. Search button - this will highlight the trigger word you typed in the search field so you can check or uncheck it. If nothing shows up then it is not within the trigger terms.
  • 7. Advance - click on the advance arrow and this is where you can see the trigger words and the plugin list
  • 8. Plugin list - Allows you to disable or enable the chatterbot components
  • a. Motion - toggles the chatterbot's movements on or off.
  • b. iTunes - toggles the iTunes plugin for the chatterbot software. Makes it so you can have the Chatterbot make remarks when you run iTunes.

The software will auto detect when it needs an update if you are connected to the Internet. Mine updated right away to version 1.12, and you can find the version number on the bottom right corner of the advanced menu. Remember that these functions are for the Fairy Godfather, while other Chatterbots will have different functions and commands to use.

As with the Dog/Cat Chatterbot, you can change the wav files to whatever you want as long as it's the same file name, just don't erase the original wav file incase you want to change it back. If you feel really creative, you can change all of the files to suit your needs. Just record what you want and name it the same name of the wav file that you're replacing. Warning: make a backup file before doing this and remember to have fun with it. With a little hacking to the Fairy Godfather, I will give this item a big thumbs up. This is a very unique robot that I see a lot of fun with using around the clock or while I have it connected to the computer.

For all you hackers out there, there is plenty of room in the chair for your own circuits, I know I’ll be using this space for my add-ons. Also in the gallery you’ll find what’s inside of him and how he works.

Stay tuned for the hacks from me as we transform the Fairy Godfather into a robot that I'll be proud to show off and that you'll love to see, too!

Thanks for reading. As always, if you have any comments or questions or ideas on hacks please leave a comment on the article or drop me a line!


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RobosapienV2-4mem8's picture

Nice write up GW, I look forward to your hacks on this device [oops robot]he he.Also nice pics.

Nocturnal's picture

even though the directions say it will auto load, mine did not

If you have auto-run disabled for your drive, the software will not auto-load.

GWJax's picture

my computer IS setup for auto run Nocturnal. I tried it 3 times with no autorun with the CD provided. Not sure why it did not work, but by running the file from the CD I had no problems.

Lady Royce's picture


Very good write up Luv and good photos. I must assume that the other two must work in much the same way as this one does. I can not wait to see what you have him doing that Wow Wee did not think of!

On the CD not wanting to autoload. I have had other programs do that to me as well and I have my computer set up to autoload as well. But as long as you can get into the disc to load it, there is not much of a problem. Just takes a few more seconds. Big deal!

I would like to see Wow Wee make some different Chatterbots and it would be good to see a tradionational robot as part of that line up. How about that very cute robot "Johnny 5" as a Chatterbot! I would buy him in a heart beat! 

Lady Donna

GWJax's picture

Thank you My Lady for the kind words and yes the other ones work the same way. You can download the programs from the WowWee download page and check out all the phrases that each one has some of them are just too funny to hear.
I will be adding a stereo speakers for the GodFather's chair that will fold out to revile the speakers when I have a chance. Plus I'll do an Article for a how-to for those who would like to make the mod.


Robosapien V10's picture

All of them R PHUNNY? Sorry ;)

altwolf's picture

Heya GW, have you tried Your chatterbot with Windows7? I can't seem to get mine to work with it... Even though the device is detected and drivers load in the OS, the Chatterbot software will pop-up and say that no chatterbot is found.

GWJax's picture

altwolf said:
Heya GW, have you tried Your chatterbot with Windows7? I can't seem to get mine to work with it... Even though the device is detected and drivers load in the OS, the Chatterbot software will pop-up and say that no chatterbot is found.

No I have not loaded Windows 7 YET!!! I'm still using XP Pro on my LT's and Server at the house which my server is down again :( I think it has a case of the H1N1... LOL Though now that you brung up the new Windows 7 not working I'll try it on Vista 64 bit which is on another LT of mine and I'll let you know plus I'll bring it to work and have our IT dept have a look at it with Windows 7.



Boss_Hogg_Ky's picture

I'm not able to get it to work under Win7 64-bit either.

GWJax's picture

ya no luck on my end either. I guess WowWee must correct this on their end. With out having the source code or breaking the program down into assembly then making a flow chart for it which I don't have time for, this will have to go to anothe hacker or wait for WowWee to make the corrections. But if I find a way to get it working I'll share the results will all of you.


Two's picture

I cannot get my fairy god father to chat, can anyone help me pls. i did a manual setup as auto run did not work, i can get it to work as a speaker but get it to chat. PLS help me

Two's picture

I did a manual set up as autorun did not work, installed software and it did the update as well. I can get the fairy godfather to work as a speaker but I can not get it to chat. Don't know if I did something wrong as the instructions were not that difficult, can someone PLS help to get my chatterbot to chat

GWJax's picture

What OS are you using? If you have Windows 7 than no it will not work until a driver is made for it.