WowWee Alive White Tiger Cub Review

I was recently able to get my mitts on an adorable new White Tiger from the Alive series by WowWee.  All those who have been looking for a well-made, cuddly, interactive toy for their kids, or are looking to add to their collection of stuffed animals, the Alive Cub is a perfect fit.

If you'd like a sneak peek at the elusive beast, and can't wait until your order ships, then read on!

Unboxing the Alive Cub

In typical WowWee fashion, the Alive Cub is quite securely packaged in his paper and wire-tied "cage."  You'll have to be a little patient in order to let him out into the wild.

WowWee Alive White Tiger Cub

Here he is in his "cage."

WowWee Alive White Tiger Cub

You'll need to remove these wire-ties to get him out of the box.  Just untwist them, or do like I chose to do, and cut them with a pair of scissors.  I'm betting the box will be useless by the time you are done!

First Impressions

WowWee Alive White Tiger Cub

Once I freed the Cub from his cage and let him loose, I was immediately impressed at the "feel" of the animal.  The fur is indeed very realistic; just rough enough to feel like a real wild animal, but soft enough to be "pettable."  The patterns in the fur also look quite nice and detailed, along with being somewhat "random."

In addition to the fur and general design of the Cub, you will soon notice that the "skeleton" of the Cub is designed to be accurate, and feel like a real cat.  There are "bones" along his spine and in his tail.  This actually took me by surprise at first, since I didn't expect to see that level of detail - but it really adds something to the experience of the toy.

WowWee Alive White Tiger Cub

A closeup of the White Tiger Cub's face reveals his sky blue eyes, whiskers, and ears.  Again, the attention to detail here is very clear.

WowWee Alive White Tiger Cub

Your Cub will come with his or her own "Adoption Certificate," which you can fill out with the name of your new pet, its age, and the date you acquired it.  I thought this was a really nice touch.

Turning on the Alive Cub

In order to get the true Alive experience, you'll need to flip on the Cub's power switch.  

WowWee Alive White Tiger Cub

As you can see above, the power switch is located in the cub's belly, beneath a padded Velcro patch.  The middle setting is "Off," the left setting is the "Try Me" mode (where you can press his ear, and he will react) and the right setting is "Normal."  I chose the Normal mode for my demonstration, to see how the Cub would react to me.

The Alive Cub In Action

While the Alive Cub doesn't roam your house freely, nor can you upload custom programming sequences in Java - that's exactly the point.  The Cub is designed to be simple to play with, and have a personality all its own - all while not requiring any significant tweaking or a high learning curve.

The Cub reacted to my attention by purring and meowing. [[ad]]  I think I may have petted it too much, since I couldn't seem to get it to go to sleep.  Watch the eyebrow and mouth movements carefully, as they're quite realistic and really give the animal a distinct personality.  You'll also see what happens when you jostle or play "too rough" with the Cub.


I've said this a few times in this article, and I'll say it once more - the Cub is a great fit for children and collectors alike.  Even without the realistic facial movements, sounds, or reactions, it's still a carefully crafted plush animal.  The fur, "skeleton," and other features show true attention to detail, and as such, make a great gift for collectors.  On the other hand, children will love the Cubs' adorable nature and interactivity.  (Well, and maybe some adults too, at least those who are still kids at heart!)

The Alive Cubs are available in the White Tiger, Panda, Lion, and Polar Bear varieties for a suggested retail price of $59.99 USD.

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Currahee's picture

wowwee put a lot of details in the alive cub series. i just think that it is neat that they went into detail to have the cub eyes moving? can't wait until they come to stores? What stores are going to carry them?

Peter Redmer's picture

You should be able to find them at a variety of stores, such as Target, Meijer, Toys R Us, Linens and Things, etc. You can also get them from the WowWee Store or the RoboCommunity Store.

Grandlarseny37's picture

so loud

idrum289's picture

My daughter wants one. I'm trying to stall as long as I can!

GWJax's picture

I have the Panda and still in awe about every detail that comes with it. During my sick times it brightens my heart up and get me through the tough times as I am still going through but getting better or at least I think I am. If it was just another stuff toy I would never be holding it but since I am a robotic lover this makes a diffrents to me. This is most likely driected to the children but the old and sick would love it too as I do. So if you know anyone that is old or sick this would brighten their day, So with that said go out and give one to someone like I did to a very sick child.

dietrich's picture

do i have to order it or is it in stores?

Peter Redmer's picture

Hello Dietrich, the Alive Cub should be available in stores such as Toys R' Us, Target, and others.

If you cannot find the Cubs at your local store, you can certainly order it from the RoboCommunity shop, or other online retailers.

blabbermouth's picture

seems to me that wow wee wasted thier oportunity to make a quality robot which is frustratiing becuase they have the ability to do so. In the meantime the closest thing to an realistic robot of this nature is lucky the wonder dog which only cost 40 bucks. Imagine if wow wee combined its know how with something like lucky the wonder pup. which this is lucky the wonder dog. A pretty cool toy but not as much as if wow wee gave it a bit of personality to go with it and keep the sensors. Everyone agrees that robopet would be pretty cool if it had sensors. Roboraptor if it had more detail like pleo. Maybe wow wee will get it right next time. With advances in techknowledgy how can they not. Than again they actually neglected touch sensors on robopet which makes it pointless to pet him.

Nicki's picture

I got two of the WowWee animals from Toys R Us for the special price of $45.00 each. One worked but the other wouldn't go to sleep when its' back was rubbed.
It was taken back to the store but none was in stock for replacement. My choice was to keep it or get a credit. Who wants a toy that doesn't work for that price? Now I see that they are selling for as much as one hundred dollars. I, as well as my 5 year old granddaughter are so disappointed in the product and Toys R Us. Is there a solution? Thank you....

GWJax's picture

Other than open it up and look for a connector that is unplugged or do an electronics repair to it that's about it. Once opened it will be hard to sew back up but then again that's the trade off, or you can get a store credit and wait for another to arrive.


Robosapien V10's picture

My sister wants it, and she has an extra like $100. I keep trying to tell her that if she waits like, another 2 months, it'll be free and she can show it to our Dad, who lives in California

halscomet's picture

I have noticed that some of the Alive Baby Animals shown on some retailers websites such as Target and Kmart have a "II" after the animal's name. Does this indicate version II? If so, did they fix a glitch or add a new feature to the second version? Anybody know?'s picture

We run a robot shop in the UK ( ). We have also noticed that both the WowWee Alive and WowWee Alive Minis carry a II after their names. Although we don't know for certain, we think the manufacturer produced two runs of the product, and the II refers to the second run.
Not much help - but we'd also like to know the definitive answer...

MomWii's picture

We've just found an older (2001) WowWee

PadricMHarris's picture

I bought this one for my niece last weekend.She loves to play with her white tiger.

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