Inside The WowWee Alive Cubs: Part 2

And here it is...  Part two!  I was having file size issues so I had to split the article into two parts.  Hope you enjoy the rest of the WowWee Alive Lion Cub dissection!

This is a shot of the back of the cub's skull.  You can see the head's touch sensor at the top.

Inside a WowWee Alive Cub - WowWee Hack

This is the bottom of the skull.  The black piece is the bottom of the cub's jaw.

Inside a WowWee Alive Cub - WowWee Hack

Inside each ear is a small white sack that contains a single button (quick on/off/volume, and try me).

This is a video of the cub in action after being totally skinned!

Inside a WowWee Alive Cub - WowWee Hack

After unscrewing the back of the skull and removing the head's touch sensor, you can access the single motor that controls the cub's movements.

Here you can see the motor in action!

The brains can be found on the back of the battery compartment.  Also inside the battery compartment is the tilt sensor, but I was unable to get a picture of it - sorry!

Inside a WowWee Alive Cub - WowWee Hack 

I was unable to get a close up picture of the circuit board that was neither overexposed nor blurry, so apologies about that one (dumb camera)! 

So there you have it.  The complete dissection of the WowWee Alive Lion Cub.  As I said at the beginning of part 1, don't try to open one of these guys up unless you are willing to either completely destroy the fur or spend hours upon hours reattaching and sewing it back up.

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GWJax's picture

pretty neat watching it without the fur on it. It reminds me of the Elvis when I made the video of that without the skin. So how is the fur attached to the eyes and mouth that would not allow you to remove them without cutting it part?
Plus could you disect the capasitive touch sensor for us to see how it's made or at least fine out what is in the center of the foil..


Grandlarseny37's picture

GWJax - The fur seemed to be glued around the edge of the eyes, nose, and mouth. Before I took it apart, I was hoping the fur would lift off like a mask. It does for the most part, but you have to cut it off around the eyes, nose, and mouth. It was attached so well that I couldn't even rip or pull it off. And about the capacitive touch sensor; I do not have the lion cub with me (I am at school until December) so unfortunately I can't do that. But if I remember correctly, there was nothing "in the middle" of the foil. It was simply a thin sheet of (copper?) foil with two wires attached. They were both taped down with masking tape.

GWJax's picture

Thanks , I hope you do good in school...


Marcwolf's picture

I was interested in how the eyelids opened and closed.

Were these done by small servo's?. My partner has one (and I'm not planning to disscect it on fear of death) and I can hear the whines of what seems to be servo's inside it.

Grandlarseny37's picture

Marcwolf - if you watch the video in the article that shows the inner workings of the skull, you will see that there is 1 motor that controls both the eyes and the mouth. The eyelids open and close using a kind of piston system. the motor turns a gear that pulls a rod that is connected to both the upper and lower eyelids by a joint. As it is pulled, the eyes open. As it is pushed, the eyes close. Just watch the video closely and you will see what I am talking about.

uber's picture

Anyone know how the voice (growl) sounds are stored?