Five Fun Things to Try With WowWee's Femisapien

Song Demo

Tip her head back to the highest position, then push straight down and hold for about 3 seconds. She'll start with 'uh huh, uh huh, uh-huh-uh-huh-uh-huh' and continue with a rockin' demo.

Kiss Mode

Tip her head up to the highest position, then move her left hand forward. This mode makes use of the IR sensor, so she won't do anything until you get close up. Watch out for the 'blech!!'. 

Program Some Moves

Put her head in the down position, then pose- each position will be followed by an 'eep'. You can move her arms, legs, and waist. She'll also capture the relative speed of each move. Use her joystick hands to insert walking moves or turns; press down on her head to insert the dance demo (she'll play the first few seconds while programming, but will replay the entire song). Let her sit a few seconds and she'll play back your series, followed by an 'aah'.

Make Her Sneeze

This one is pretty easy- just nod her head pretty quickly about three or four times- one click up/down seems to work. She doesn't even get mad!

Make Her Burp and Laugh

Moving her hands in different directions will get you some funny results - I tried her right hand back and left forward, and got a 20 second goofy demo starting with 'beep, beep, BEEP!' and ending with a burp and an embarassed laugh. You'll have to try all the possible combinations to see what she can do!

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