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I remember watching Looney Tunes as a kid.  When Daffy got hit with a giant mallet, his eyes would roll like a slot machine and a loud "BOING" would sound.  I always wanted my own cartoon character to smash with a mallet...  Wrex the Dawg is that character, brought to life in my own living room!

Though I wouldn't reccommend hitting Wrex with a mallet, I WOULD reccommend smacking him on the nose with your hand!  His eyes will roll and he'll rattle off some great cartoonish sounds.  You can almost see the stars circling his head!  WowWee is famous for infusing huge levels of unique personality into each robot and Wrex is no exception.  Wrex is outlandish, insane, funny, and just plain fun. 

The Box:

Grab your wire cutters, screwdrivers, and box cutters because as you all know by now, you're gonna need em to get this guy free!  But before we get into that, let's look at the packaging.

Here he is!  As you can see, Wrex the Dawg comes packaged the same way most of WowWee's robots do.

A list of features is displayed.

Here's the back.  Mr. Personality, Femisapien, and Tribot are also featured on the back!

Unboxing of Wrex:

The box is nice and glossy.  Almost a shame to tear it apart...  Almost.  Now for the hard part.  You're going to need a set of wire cutters, a box cutter, and a thin philips screwdriver to unbox Wrex and set him free.


After removing the casing, you're going to have to unscrew a plastic base located underneath the robot.  Once this is done, use your wire cutters to clip him free!

Wrex comes with the remote and user manual seen above.

Powering Wrex:

Wrex is powered by 4x C batteries and 2x AA batteries.  The battery compartment is located on the bottom side of the robot.  The remote requires 3x AAA batteries.


Starting Wrex Up and Shutting Him Off:

Wrex is switched on by the large power button located on his back.  Hold it down for a few seconds and Wrex will come to life!  If you do not hold it down long enough, Wrex will inform you to hold his button down for three seconds.  Shutting him off is similar.  Hold the button down for a few seconds and Wrex will perform his power-down routine.

Wrex's Remote

Wrex has a remote that is as unique as he is.  It is made to look like one of those industrial remotes that John Connor used to lower the Terminator into that hot stuff in T2.

Lots of functionality packed into this remote!  Although there is no actual shift key, there are two dials that act like shift keys.  The red button is stop and the green one is, yup, you guessed it...   Go!  There is a directional pad in the center for controlling Wrex's movement.  Below that is a three level volume switch.  Above the D-pad are the Program and Program Playback buttons.  And now the dials...  Wrex has three moods and two modes (happy mood, angry mood, crazy mood, guard mode and off the leash mode).  These moods and modes can be switched using the top dial around the red button.  The bottom dial accesses Wrex's various tricks (18 in all).  Each number 1-6 is capable of three different tricks depending upon which mood Wrex is in.  There is also a Feed function and a Demo function.  Make sure you point the remote at Wrex while you are using the dial or else the moods and tricks will not register!

Moods and Modes of Wrex the Dawg:

Wrex has three different moods and two modes...

Happy - Wrex is happy and cheerful.  He goofs around and has lots of fun in his happy mood.

Angry - Look out!  He'll bite ya (not really)!  Wrex will bark and act aggressive in his angry mood.

Crazy - This is when Wrex becomes the most animated and ridiculous (although he's always acting a little crazy.)  He will act like a nut case in his crazy mood.

Guard - What WowWee robot is complete without a guard mode?  Set him in guard mode and he'll wait for his IR sensor to detect an object so he can jump up and bark!

Off the Leash - This is Wrex's autonomy mode.  Take his leash off and Wrex will explore on his own avoiding obstacles.


Wrex can perform a total of 18 tricks from the remote!  There are six tricks available for each of the three moods Wrex can be put in.  Trust me, the tricks are good!  Below is a demo video of a few different tricks, but ONLY a few!  I don't want to spoil the fun of finding out what his different tricks are for yourself!  

Along with using the remote, Wrex can perform tricks and other strange things by using his Reprogramming Hatch (seen below).  Located on Wrex's back, the Reprogramming Hatch contains four keys (1-4) which can be used to enter different codes.  The manual provides 28 combos to type in...  But there are easter egg codes that are up to us to find!  Included in the codes is a code to make Wrex act like an RSV1.


Wrex is packing a few different sensors to help him interact with the environment.


Wrex has an IR sensor on his jaw to detect obstacles with.  These can be toggled on and off using the Reprogramming Hatch.  Oh and get this...  Wrex can track a moving object with his head using the IR sensors!  


Wrex's nose acts as a bump sensor which will cause him to stop in case he manages to run into something.

Edge Detection:

Wrex has EDGE DETECTION to help prevent him from falling down those notorious robot killers...  Stairs.  This can be toggled on and off using a switch on the bottom of Wrex.


Wrex is equipped with internal sensors (probably force feedback) that allow him to detect when an obstacle (such as your fingers) are trapped between his wheels and body so he doesn't hurt you.  We appreciate that, Wrex!


Wrex has a crazy amount of motors (9!) that control all sorts of movement and animation.  His hind legs move up and down (independently).  His wheels move in forward and reverse.  His tail wags.  His front legs can move up and down (also independently).  His ears move.  His eyes move.  His mouth opens and closes.  His TONGUE sticks in and out.  His head can turn left and right.  There's practically nothing left for him to move!


Wrex is another great personality from WowWee.  Wrex has a very sturdy build and is safe for even the youngest of children to play with.  With so many tricks, codes, moods, and modes, Wrex is sure to keep entertaining again and again.  If you've ever wanted to own your very own cartoon character, look no further.  Wrex also brings a great safety feature...  Edge Detection.  I was very pleased to see this featured on Wrex and I hope WowWee will continue to include edge detection on future robots.

Thanks WowWee! 

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Currahee's picture

looks like fun

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Know he looks like a fun hack to tackle when I get one. hehehehe


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I know a black market doctor that will do the surgery for a hambuger.. hehe

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infact he was the one who helped build the junk yard dawg...


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So is there a rip down on him yet that I have not seen yet? I think this will be a great x-mas present to my self after Christmas when he really goes on sale.. But I did miss the 49.95 deal on him already :( but there's always time on my hands when it comes to buying new robots.


Grandlarseny37's picture

Sorry GWJax, there is no rip-down. I am actually giving mine to my 7 year old sister for xmas so I don't want to risk breaking something in a rip down. Maybe when you get one for an awesome post xmas price you'll do one??

GWJax's picture

Will Do Grand!! I am working on the Tri-Bot rip-down now and it's taking me longer to do than I thought just because I want to get every detail of it and find something new that Nocturnal did not, hehehe, in which is pretty darn hard to do.

Plus I just showed my wife this and she said that we are not getting anything for each other for x-mas but just for our son which is ok by me that means more money for the bots haha. Being married for 20+ years does have it's perks. But I'll get her something anyways like I always do, I just can't resist it, just because of everything she does for me and puts up with everything I do. Now thats true LOVE my friend..


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Cool! I think he's funny

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his mom must be crasy