Evolution of WowWee's Rovio: From An Idea To A Revolution In Telepresence

With all the interest swirling around the recently-released Rovio Mobile Webcam, we have gone through the WowWee archives to offer you an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the evolution of Rovio, the wireless mobile webcam that lets you be in two places at the same time!

The first release in our exciting new WowWee Technologies line, Rovio has gone through a number of changes from its initial inception to the finished product, as you will see from the images below.

We hope you enjoy this comprehensive look at Rovio’s development!

Please Note:  This article is best viewed using the Image Gallery feature.  You can progress through each image of Rovio's metamorphosis by starting here.

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The First Rovio Prototype

Early Prototype of WowWee Rovio

The first prototype of the Rovio was essentially an IP camera screwed onto a mobile base.

The Second Rovio Prototype

Early Prototype of WowWee Rovio

The next evolution of Rovio involved a neck-mounted camera, on a sturdier base.

Coming Together

Early Prototype of WowWee Rovio

Please move forward to the next page to see Rovio's early mechanical development...


Early Mechanical Model

Early Mechanical Prototype of WowWee Rovio

Here, you can see the early mechanical prototype without WiFi.

Adding WiFi to Rovio

Adding WiFi to WowWee Rovio

Rovio's next evolution was the addition of the prototype WiFi system.

Continue on to the next page to see Rovio getting the NorthStar treatment!


Addition of NorthStar Technology

NorthStar Technology Being Added to WowWee Rovio

The NorthStar technology being added to Rovio for the first time.

Integration of NorthStar TrueTrack Technology

NorthStar Integration with WowWee Rovio

Here, you can see the TrueTrack technology being integrated into Rovio, although the neck is not yet finished.

Rovio's Old Colors

WowWee Rovio with Old Colors

Rovio with its older color scheme and premilimary dock.

Want to see Rovio in its final form?  Head on to the next page!


Almost There

Rovio Almost Complete

Final Release

WowWee Rovio Final Release

Rovio in its final release form, with production colors and finished dock.


We hope you enjoyed this behind-the-scenes look at Rovio's development and prototypes.  Read on below to purchase or learn more about Rovio!

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Nocturnal's picture

Not bad, however...

Please Note: This article is best viewed using the Image Gallery feature. You can progress through each image of Rovio's metamorphosis by starting here.

There is no gallery, and the link doesn't work (same with the image links).

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Thanks Nocturnal, this has been resolved and you should be able to view the gallery just fine now.

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this was great - I missed it only just found it! :)

I love the second prototype awesome pic even the color. It jsut shows the amount of work behind these...

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Very cool, thanks for sharing these pics!

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Hi. Very interesting evolution. Glad we got the last one and not the 1st 3 or 4--haha.

I am hoping you can give some insight to a few questions ...

1) How did Rovio end of with 2 present elevations for its neck?
2) Any idea as to why beacons aren't available?
3) When do you think beacons will become readily available?