Cats Versus the WowWee Bladestar & Lightstar

This is my report about the Lightstar and I have a suggestion for Wow Wee for the Bladestar and Lightstar.

Last weekend, (3-21-09) I was working at a rummage sale to benefit a local No Kill Shelter for Cats here in La Crosse, WI called "Tabby Town" and an unused, unopened Bladestar came in. I was the one to be sorting out that batch of incoming boxes and I lucked out when I asked the shelter owner what price she wanted me to put on it and she said $5.00! WELL! DO I LOOK STUPID? I handed her $5.00 on the spot!

This thing is a ball and you should have seen my 5 cats trying to catch it! PURE PANDEMONIUM! They ran all over the place, climbed up on anything and jumped from any point, just trying to get at it and in general making fools of themselves!

Then to make matters FUNNIER, I also received a Lightstar as a gift!

First off. I was expecting to have to do battle with the box just to get it out of the box like all the other Wow Wee toys and I went armed with scissors, a screwdriver and a hobby knife (I do not cut the wire ties. I save them for other projects.) and I was relieved to find that all I needed was the screwdriver and the knife!

Once I got the little stinker out of the box, I found that the owners manual was very easy to understand and installing the two AA batteries was no harder then installing them in a small flashlight. Plugging the charge cable into the Lightstar was very easy, but it is a tight fit and a bit more pressure is needed to unplug it once the charging is done.

Because of this, Hold the MAIN BODY of Lightstar (NEVER BY THE WINGS OR THE CARBON ROD!) and take great care unplugging the cord and NEVER pull it by the cord (Hold the body of the plug!) to unplug it!

The remote is so easy to understand and use that it is funny and you get four minutes flight time for ten minuets charge time. Then the fun with the cats started! I cleared a space on my work bench for this little stinker to take off from and as soon as it started spinning up for take off, I had cats coming out of the woodwork and I had to keep shooing them away just so it could have a chance to get going!

Once the Lightstar was airborne, the fun started. It was bad enough to have the cats going after the Bladestar. But now, here we have a Lightstar, with lights that flash and spin around and flies all at the same time and you have a combination that no cat can pass up!

I wish I had a video camera so I could have shown you folks all the action that went on here today. I had cats climbing boxes and jumping at it, getting on top of the fridge and the book shelf and swatting at it as it came by and the topper was Little Wicket climbing up the edge of the bathroom door, sitting on the top of it and launching herself at it AND CATCHING IT!

It is a good thing that this critter is made of EPP foam or rather then having a Lightstar, I would now have a DEADSTAR!

All in all. A VERY FUN little flying toy and cat entertainment system! The next flying items I want to get my hands on is a Wow Wee FlyTech Dragon, Dragonfly and a Hoverpod and see what kind of trouble I can get into with these cats!

On an end note. I needed a place to keep my Lightstar to keep it safe from marauding cats and I was able to get it and the remote to fit into the carrying case alongside the Bladestar. I think it would be a good thing if Wow Wee could come up with a case that would hold BOTH the Bladestar, the Lightstar, their remotes, 8 extra batteries for both and a pocket for the instructions for both.

These empty cases could be sold for those that already have both toys and want to store them together and then both toys could also be sold as a combo pack. They should also come up with a case for their other flying toys and the Hoverpod.

Lady Donna


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Video please! :)

- roschler

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Great article now when you get a video camera or you can use a web cam if you have one to record the mayhem of the cats in action.. Thanks for the great review and I love the idea of the all-in-one case..


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Whoever inserted that photo of a kitten swatting at a Bladestar has gotten Little Wicket down to a T! Thank you! She is a fistey little stinker and I do not think there is ANYTHING that scares that cat for long!

Waite till you read my new posting about her fight with Roboreptile!

Lady Donna

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Nice article, indeed!