Meet the WowWee FlyTech Crash FX: Madcap Aerial Action

WowWee CrashFX Remote Control Plane

If you're a regular on the RoboCommunity forums, you're familiar with my own love of airplanes and models in general.  I'm no expert, being relatively new to the hobby, but I love to fly stuff... simple as that!  As such, I'm one of FlyTech's biggest fans and have logged many hours of flight time with my Dragonfly, Lightstar, and Bat.  I've been waiting feverishly for WowWee to release a "traditional" remote control plane, and now my wish has been granted: with CrashFX.

WowWee CrashFX Remote Control R/C Plane

CrashFX is a remote controlled airplane with a 2-channel proportional infrared remote, allowing you to adjust speed and rudder control.  It's made with a dual band system, so pilots with 2 CrashFX aircraft on separate bands can fly together.  You'll get 5 minutes of flight from a 10 minute charge, and it takes 4 "AA" size batteries.

All of this sounds pretty status quo, but the CrashFX is no typical bird.  It's the ONLY remote control aircraft to incorporate what WowWee has dubbed the "Easi-Snap" system.  

WowWee CrashFX Remote Control Plane

Let's face it, crashing things is fun.  That's why they invented bumper cars and demolition derbies, right?  Unique to model planes, the CrashFX flying toy is designed to crash on purpose as part of the fun!  In addition, the Easi-Snap system allows you to very quickly reassemble the plane to get up and flying again right away.

I can't wait to get my hands on one of these little beauties and set up some spectacular mid-air crashes and race challenges.  We'll make sure to update you with more info when the CrashFX becomes available - which is estimated to be in late September or October 2009.

WowWee CrashFX Remote Control Plane

Specifications of the WowWee Crash FX (subject to change)

  • Easi-snap system for easy reassembly after crashes
  • 2-channel proportional control
  • Dual band IR remote for fly and crash races
  • 10 minute charge for up to 5 minutes of flight
  • 4 "AA" batteries required


roschler's picture

Love it! Might as well admit what we all do with those wonderful WowWee flying gizmos anyways. (Crash 'em!) :)

-- roschler

Lady Royce's picture

Any idea as to where these will be sold at? Will Target stores have them? I will be working and camping at the MN Renaissance Festival when this little goodie comes out and there is a Target I can get to on foot if I need to near the festival!
I will be making a bit of money giving breaks to the workers at the game booths and I might try to get one of these little things and fly it around the camp grounds.

Lady Donna

Peter Redmer's picture

LOL, agreed @roschler. I've crashed my Light/Bladestar so many times ;)

@Lady Royce - it's too early to know where it will be available and I am currently unsure of the price as well. This is just a teaser until we have more to share...

milw's picture

Looks from the picture like the wing and elevator will pop off- I hope it is able to fly in 12' wide rooms! (with IR control will it be limited to indoor only?)

Armoshobbies and Robodrome's picture

Hi Milw yeah I dont think this aircraft is designed for outdoors unless you want to crash it all the time.. Normal range would be 10 meters I think but will wait and see.. Some wingspan sizes etc and specs would determine if it was outside or inside and with 2 channels and looks like foamie reckon inside would be the go...

MrScott's picture

Not sure the FlyTech Crash FX is the first plane designed to be crash tolerant.

I've still got my Cox PT-19 Trainer from the 70's. It is held together with rubber bands, so that Controlled Flight Into Terrain could be chalked up to a learning experience by putting it all back together again.

Granted, that was flight line controlled, rather than untethered, so it's technically no "RC".

Lady Royce's picture

I remember the old "Cox PT-19," As a matter of fact, there is a company called "HORIZON HOBBY" ( that has remade this aircraft as a R/C OR control line model.
This aircraft can swing either way. It's only problem is that it does not fly apart on a crash like the old "Cox" one did. However, there has been an improvment to it in that they have replaced the gas motor with a battery powered one. Other then that, it looks just like the old one did.

I learned to fly hobby aircraft using a PT-19 my friend had and then, for my 15th birthday, my Mum got me a "Miss America" with a throttle control. We lived in "29 Palms, CA" at the time and when I took it out for it's first flight, one of those freek desert winds came up, hit the underside of the aircraft and caused the aircraft to go stright up and then it did a nose dive and I had an instant kit on my hands.

I was so torn up at my birthday gift being shattered into bits on the first day that I gave up on flying models until last year at Renaissance Festival when one of my festival family had 5 of those small copters and lent me one to try and I liked that little stinker and it did not matter if I crashed it.
It just came back for more and it got me back into flying models.

But I guess when you add R/C to anything, you need to give up something from the past on that item?

Chris 22's picture

Let the air wars begin! ;o)

Armoshobbies and Robodrome's picture

See Mr Scott I do think of you ... This Website is even in USA arnt I good
Bring back memories for you LOL ..Armo

roschler's picture


My green Bladestar is already sporting a crazy glued wing. Works great! :)

-- roschler

NJ Crash Test Dummy's picture

CrashFX - A Novice's Initial Review After Only 20 Flight Attempts

The CrashFX looks cool.
Like so many inexpensive planes this toy "almost" flies for me.
The quick release magnets that attach the front and rear wings preventing most crash damage is a notable and laudable advancement.
For me the plane pitches upwards and stalls, pitches and stalls, pitches, stalls, and crashes.
Maybe with more practice I can fly this just slow enough to keep it flying.
Or maybe I'll try and trim it with some additional weight at the nose.

I'm interested if the CrashFX flies well out-of-the-box for experienced FLYERS.
Did I tell you this looks cool?