Control your WowWee Femisapien from a Robosapien Remote

You cam use the WowWee™ Robosapien™ remote controller (included) to control Femisapien.  Control WowWee Femisapien with Robosapien Remote
The remote controller requires 3 x “AAA” size batteries. To install the batteries, do the following:

1.  Open the battery compartment located on
the underside of the remote controller using a
Phillips screwdriver (not included) to remove
the screws on the battery compartment cover.
Insert the batteries according to the diagram.

2. Ensure that the positive and negative polarities
match the illustrations inside the battery
Replace the battery compartment covers and

3. replace the screws using the screwdriver. Do
not over-tighten.
Shift levels

The remote controller has 3 shift levels. You can change levels by pressing the  
Select button. The LED on the remote controller indicates the shift level as explained in Table 1 below.

Control your WowWee Femisapien with Robosapien Remote

IMPORTANT: After you send a command the remote controller will reset to Shift
level 1. That is, if you require Shift level 2 or 3, you need to select the shift level each
time you send a command.

Controlling your WowWee Femisapien with Robosapien Controller

 Remote controller functions
The control functions for each level are explained in the following table (Table 2).
NOTE: Right refers to Femisapien’s right and left refers to her left.

Remote controller functions  The control functions for each level are explained in the following table (Table 2).  NOTE: Right refers to Femisapien’s right and left refers to her left.

Remote controller functions  The control functions for each level are explained in the following table (Table 2).  NOTE: Right refers to Femisapien’s right and left refers to her left.

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bastelmeister's picture

Hey Peter,
a very useful article but, can you explain the part of the battery section again (lame joke sorry)
Anyway, i am gona try it out as soon i get my hands on the remote.


Astara's picture

Where can I order one?

Michaelquerty's picture

I was wondering if the Femisapiens now come with a remote? Or do you order a replacement Robosapien one? (I assume Version 1) Also, it is possible to control her/it from a PC? Thanks, I have one shipping to me atm, btw.

Shai Alyt NEMO's picture

All, interested to contol Femi from the RSv1 remote, look here:

Astara's picture

That only works if you have a remote.

The remotes are not longer manufactured or available from any source that I can find (google web and shop turn up, ebay search:nothing (though ebay is usually indexed by google so it's usually redundant).

Apparently, the reason these robots are getting alot of new attention is that they were bought by volume liquidators -- usually (but not always) something that is done in bankruptcy or official company 'reorganization' proceedings.

You see this happen alot in the game industry, where the companies that developed a game go belly up, and then the game distribution rights are bought from a liquidator, with source rights, often being separate (and more expensive) than simple distribution rights. As a result, a cheap game redistributor (CDR?) buys distribution rights but can't really support it because they didn't buy the source rights -- but they can sell lots of copies of the game at vastly lower prices and hope that enough people will buy they game and not return it, that they'll break even on the investment.

Not sure if that's what happened here, but seems like the official support channels for this product (and possibly related ones) are no longer around or are no longer offering support for this product. This is especially true when it comes to "peripherals", like anything that would allow remote control.

Even third party products like the RSV1 that were available for the product have been discontinued. Very unfortunate, but such is the market! :-(

Shai Alyt NEMO's picture

If you really need to control the Femi via IR, but don't have an RSv1 remote, and they are not available for official purchase from WowWee you can:

0. Buy a complete RSv1 kit with robot,remote and a bucket. Surprisingly, they are still available in some stores. You will have a real mint-new RSv1 remote and (as a little bonus ;) - a (somehow rude) boyfriend for your Femi with whom she can talk and even make a burping contest!

1. Use a PocketPC with universal remote emulation program and a codebase for particular IR-controlled device (RSv1 in our case). If there is no ready-made codebase, you can "learn" the codes by your pocket PC from a real remote, borrowed from a friend, or ask a salesman in a toy store to allow you to use a remote for a few minutes (I think, he/she will be intrigued to see, how you are controlling the bot from your own PPC). But beware, the power of PPC's IR port is relatively low, so don't expect a control range greater then 1 meter or so.

2. Use a RoboDance softwere (free) with a suitable IR-transmitter, like Lego Mindstorms Serial IR Tower (look at eBay). Generic IrDA adapters will not work.
The control range in this case is great, but the Tower or another suitable IR-transmitters are hard to find and may be expensive.

3. Look at second hands/flea markets for an abandoned RSv1 remote. In fact I did found mine exactly at the second hand store. This way, of course needs much patience, but if you are lucky, you may found a working RSv1 remote for really cheap price!

sbondi's picture

This was a great start, but it was missing the "Attentive" set of commands.  And although the hand joystick interface was cool and innovative, over time the joysticks seem not to be able to take the usage, so I put together a complete list of remote commands that I can bring up on my smartphone for easy access. Only the circular catwalk seems to be missing :(I also did the same for the RoboSapien remote commands: