WowWee Rovio Hack: Disable The Blue Lights

Among many of the Rovio hacks that are out there making a great thing even better, it seems like either dimming or disabling the blue activity lights is at or near the top of the list.

This is because many Rovio owners feel the lights are either not useful, too bright, or consume too much battery power.  Thus, I've come up with a simple solution to disconnect Rovio's blue lights.  Just follow these step by step instructions to disable the lights!

Step 1: Witness Rovio With Blue Lights

Here he is, in all of his shiny blue glory.  Let's learn how to tone it down...

Step 2: Open Up Rovio and Identify the PCB Board

Simply unscrew Rovio's top shell and note the location of the PCB, indicated in this photo.

Step 3: Remove The Lights' Connector

Now, you need to locate the wires coming from the lights which end in a "molex" connector that you will need to unlplug from the PCB.  You can attach this to the inside of Rovio with some tape, or even wire a switch to it if you have the knowledge (see this post by cowboyctx for more info.)

Step 4: Test your Rovio

If all is working properly, you should be able to turn on your Rovio and operate normally, except without the bright blue lights.  You're all done!

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Heres a software package that can turn them off :)

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tu ma voler mon compte

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Because they are brighter then the sun, and a battery drain. The one thing this system does not need is a sustained battery draw. I disabled mine.