Preview of WowWee FlyTech Hoverpod

The WowWee Hoverpod is still shrouded in secrecy, but I have a little bit of information to pass on, RoboCommunity-ites!

WowWee FlyTech Hoverpod

The little-known Hoverpod is unique to the FlyTech line in that it doesn't soar through the air; rather, it glides across most smooth surfaces, including short carpets.  It's basically a micro-hovercraft.

WowWee FlyTech Hoverpod

The Hoverpod is crafted of durable EPP foam like most other WowWee FlyTech craft, and thus should not break easily (even after you inevitably run into walls and doors!)  It moves forward by means of a prop, using a rudder on the rear for steering.  I'm guessing that it will work well on most "smooth" surfaces such as kitchen floors and the like.  This is the only micro hoverpod we know of that will work on certain kinds of carpet, also.

WowWee FlyTech Hoverpod

Control is achieved through a 2-channel digital proportional IR remote, taking 4 "AA" size batteries.  You'll get up to 5 minutes of play from a 10 minute charge.

So, what do you think?  Are you already planning massive Hoverpod races and obstacle courses?  Any cool hacks you can envision?  Let us know, and stay tuned for more information on the Hoverpod as soon as we get it.  Availability is estimated to be around July of this year, and estimated retail is $19.99 USD (subject to change.)

Features of the WowWee Hoverpod

• Tail rudder enables directional control
• Dual-band IR control
• Easy-to-use 2-channel digital proportional 
IR remote controller
• 10-minute charge for up to 5 minutes play!
• Durable EPP body


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This looks like an amazing product of Wowwee and I can't wait to hear more. If I hear the release date, I'll camp out in front of radio shack like an eager teenager wanting to be the first to see a movie.

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Looks funny, like a little electric iron. ;o)

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If it can go over water I will buy it.

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Legomaster said:
If it can go over water I will buy it.

Most if not all will run over water as long as it smooth, because they run on a cussion of air underneath the craft.


@ Commnder Pete.,

Do you know anything about it's carring weight? If so please inform us. If I can get some rotating running light on the bottom " which will be no problem at all with SMD LEDs " and add sound effects in this little micro I'll get 2, one for hacking and the other just for fun. I'm staying away from the AirHog version because itcan only carry it's own weight and no carpe, but I bet if one was to make a md to the fan duct unit ans blade this might work better.


I am supprised that I do not see a skert on this, I wounder if it is like the air hocky tables with allot of holes under the deck for the lift or that the photo just does not show it.

One thing though is a duel IR transmitting, anyone corect me if I'm mistaken but I think this my be the first line of this but then again I have not opened up my two LightStars which are still sealed in the box along with the RoboPanda..;)  An no I'm not counting the Elvis Alive which has an IR motion detection at a different frequency than the remote it's self because the motion detection only sends back a 1 or 0 if detection is made on either the right or left side.



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hoverpod has landed in australia


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uSMan when will they hit the USA !!!! any thoughts Commander Pete!